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Snowed In and Craftin .... beads of course

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  • Snowed In and Craftin .... beads of course

    I'm sorry about the lame joke in the title but I really am snowed in and I love it because it has allowed me to craft to my heart's content.

    I also had a new computer software for Christmas as well as a camera so they are coming in handy too. Do you like the frame? It's the first one that I've done. God knows what I'll discover next.

    This is the second in a set of designs that I have come up with to showcase the new Craft Fairy beads. I am trying my best to make samples to take to the Craft 4 Crafters event in Exeter next week, but the snow is making me think that we won't be able to get there! I'm praying for milder weather and rain.


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    This necklace is very pretty the colours are lovely and I like the way that you have photographed it with the pinks on the napkin highlighting the pinks in the necklace.
    I also make jewellery and the snow and the cold has meant that I have been more productive
    I hope that the weather clears and that you are able to get to your craft event
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      Hi Jade,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I had a look at your beautiful pieces of jewellery. You are so prolific. It takes me a day to come up with one design.

      The weather is slightly better here now so it looks like Craft 4 Crafters, here we come.



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        That's a lovely necklace and love the photo too, very pretty
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          Still here at home. Somerset looks to have had a big downfall of snow and the M5 is not good around there.

          I am a chicken driver and I want it to rain and clear up in the next two hours.



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            Hi Yvonne,

            Did it clear up? Lol. I'm a chicken driver too - need one of those 4x4's

            What a lovely necklace BTW and looks like you are putting the new software to good use.

            - What camera do you use?



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              Hi Pete,

              It did clear enough for us to go and set up at Westpoint, but unfortunatelt not enough for the customers to get out of their own streets. Same oldm same old: motorway clear streets not.

              Currently am using a Canon SLR something or the other. Not too technical as you can see. The photo was taken with my old Canon G3. Great little thing.