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  • Advice for beginner :)

    Ok, so I've just started making a few bracelets. Now i've decided I want to try and sell a few. So was wondering if anyone can give me any advice on this Also, at the moment, I've just been buying job lots of charms and stuff from ebay, is this an ok way of doing it?

    Thanks everyone!

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    This is a question I was asked so many times, I put all my thoughts down into an article on my website
    Selling Your Handmade Jewellery - I really recommend you read that through, its got a lot of useful links and things you might not have thought of.

    Purchasing is always a big part of any business - I cannot say if you are getting a good deal or not from ebay. I will say to be careful though - because much of the stuff on there, especially that coming in from the far easty and even from America, isn't compliant with our nickel laws. Remember, once you start selling you are in a whole different world from the hobbyist and you have legal requirements to think of - anything from your own tax returns through to consumer rights and stuff pertaining specifically to jewellery such as nickel laws, hallmarking etc. Its all covered in my article and plenty of other places online too - so a bit of research will have you up to speed in no time.
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      Thank you for all the advice - just checked out your website. So how would I go about finding retailers that did sell beads that garunteed there wasn't nickel in it? I can see it is very different making them for my own use and making them to sell :/