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    Hi all,

    I know people don't always like sharing their bead suppliers but I'm just wondering if anybody knows of a few websites that sell one-off or unique beads?
    I've been going through page after page looking for local suppliers or ones elsewhere, and am only really finding major bead websites.

    If anybody could help, it really would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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    What you really need for unique quality beads are some of our Uk based bead makers. We have several on the forum including Emma from EJR beads. There are others, but they are slipping my mind at the moment.
    We have some amazing Uk tallent in the bead world
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      Those are the sorts of people I'm looking for.
      To be honest, EJR beads is the only one so far I've come across, but her beads are beautiful.


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        You need to Google Lampworkers in UK for Artisan made beads. As BBD said there are many talented artists making such beads here. Beware of cheap imports they are often not annealed properly and could crack and shatter on you.

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          If you have a look on etsy, including the terms lampwork, uk, sra and fhf you'll find an amazing number of fantastic sellers, including quite a few in your own area

          For eye candy, go and check out the weekly galleries on the the frit happens-(mod edit) or use the same search terms as above on flickr, where a lot of beadmakers share their latest work.
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            Hello, I do beads


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              If you're looking for lampwork, a search on most selling sites for 'SRA lampwork' will bring up some gorgeous beads, and there's a site called Big Bead Little Bead who also sell a range of unique beads (I have a couple of polymer clay bead sets on there )
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                Your beads are beautiful! And just liked your page.

                Thanks so much guys, you've been a great help. Looks like it was just me not knowing what to search for.


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                  Aha so that's where this mornings new liker came from ! Thanks, Stacey


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                    Hee hee, glad to hear you've found me already!

                    But as everyone is saying, there are LOADS more great, talented beadmakers out there.

                    As George and others have pointed out, look for people who describe themselves as "SRA" or "Self Representing Artist" - as you are more likely to find people who are actually making their own beads rather than reselling others.

           has a lot of UK glass beadmakers' sites

                    Etsy and even Ebay still do have handmade beads, but it can be hard to spot the genuine article from the mass-produced stuff if you don't know what you are looking for.

                    With any beadmaker's site, don't be afraid to contact them and ask about the beads - ask if they make the beads themselves, how long they have been doing it, if they would accept returns if you are not happy. One of the advantages to buying quality handmade beads and supporting UK artists is that they will often give you excellent customer service in return. You are not just an "order number" - but a valued client.
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                      I've had a look through the british lampwork website and bookmarked a few people from there. It's been amazing to see all the different styles out there and how intricately made the beads can look.

                      You guys have been an amazing help. Now just waiting for payday to come so I can get buying!


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                        Glad we could help

                        The British Art Bead scene is amazing - whether you want beads from metal, glass, polymer, ceramic - even felt and fabric - we have some great beadmakers here.

                        It's really great to see people seeking out unusual jewellery components for their designs.

                        I was flicking through a bead magazine the other day and just looking at the majority of mass-produced beads and components out there with a bit of a heavy heart. Because I do think the market has become flooded with some real crud in recent years and I feel sorry for jewellery-makers starting out. It seems to me they have endless choice these days, but even the more affordable beads and components just don't seem as nice as they were when I was a kid and started out buying beads and findings.

                        Or maybe that is just a nostalgia thing on my part?

                        The plus side though - is that there are so many handmade pieces now. So if you are looking for quality pieces, they are at least there to be found.
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                          Information was great help!


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                            I am a lamp-worker from cumbria, i make glass beads for bracelets and there pretty unique, i haven't got round to getting my pictures up yet but i will be sure to upload some of my beads.


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                              I make lampwork beads - I'm a UK lampworker - I don't have the SRA but some of my beads and jewellery has won national competitions x