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  • A Beadweaving Question!

    Hi all! I've been beadweaving for years and always use KO thread or Nymo and no problems until recently when I made a dutch spiral necklace with lots of twits however when it was finished it snapped in two when I tried to mold it into a circular shape. In some of the american mags. they tend to use fireline as its stronger for some beadweaving projects. It would work out a lot more expensive.... what's my fellow beadweaver using... would love to hear from you!!

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    I am a Nymo girl myself but have used C-Lon too. Did you use bugles for the twisted dutch spiral with Nymo? That's why it broke, the edges can be very sharp, especially if you don't cull them first. Try and use Japanese beads, much better quality than others.

    I would use Fireline for crystal and bugle beads as it is very hard to cut through. I do love a bit of Soft Touch though as it is incredibly strong and doesn't knot up like Fireline in long lengths.
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      We sell a lot of OneG particularly in white, which you don't need to wax and gets really good reviews from the seed beaders who come into the shop.


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        Thanks guys for replying, I used japanese seed beads of various sizes but I have a tight tension which may have be the problem. Will look into C-lon and oneG!


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          I use KO thread for just seed beads or glass beads, but if i am using crystals or anything with a sharp edge i use fireline or wildfire.

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            I think Clon and oneG are threads, similar to nymo and KO. For bugles and crystals, fireline and wildfire are best.
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              I swear by Firleline and use it on all my work- yes it's more expensive but I would be so embarassed if a piece broke because of the thread
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                I use K.O most frequently - I'll bet it was the tension! I'm a very tight bead weaver and I have to stop and remind myself to loosen up - the strongest thread you can buy can't withstand remolding a project into a different shape if the tension is too high to begin with, unless it is wire/metal cored which is pretty impossible for weaving projects... it's heartbreaking when you spend hours on something only to snap it isn't it... oh the tears I've cried!!!!


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                  I also use fireline. I used to use nymo but like you, I found it broke occassionally. I use the 6lb variety for my seed beading projects, it's better with bicones too as they can sometimes be a bit sharp and cut the thread. Well worth a bit more expense, especially when you've spent all that time creating it.
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