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Whats the best beading wire/thread to use , if your going to do own hooks etc

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  • Whats the best beading wire/thread to use , if your going to do own hooks etc

    Hi as above really , im new to all this so any advice on any making would be great thank you


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    Depends what your threading, how heavy and long it is?!?!?

    is it to make hooks, or to hook onto a hook?


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      Well any weight really , makiing hooks with round nose pilers , can you recommend any sites to get me strated x


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        depending on what your wiring together and the hole in the beads will determine how thick you wire needs to be.

        have a look at places like Cooksongold, or beadsdirect they have a selection of wires and threads for beading, hobbycraft have thread too if you want to go and look and feel the strength that could be a good place to start.

        also look for "free patterns/designs" on the web, or go to local liberary or book shops look for books that contain "projects" for you to do yourself, they tend to have a list of materials you'll require, try them out and that will give you an idea of whats best for what designs.

        sorry not much help, there are lots of threads on here which might be able to help


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          If you mean that you want to make your own ear wires I use .8mm or 1mm depending on what I have to hand.

          Have you tried Googling how to make ear wires there are lots of instructions about.
          Too many beads not enough time!!