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  • Organising your beads

    Hi to all,

    I am quite new to beading and am trying to organise my work area. So far I have found an old bookcase and put all my beads into take away dishes that I get from the chinese. (good excuse for having a take-away lol). The trouble now is that I don't know what beads I have without having to look at every box.

    I have thought about getting a board and putting each bead on it with a number label that connects with the appropriate box number. Does anyone have a better suggestion please.


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    Hi Liz welcome to the forum BTW. Useful things carryout cartons !!

    Am I being a thick or what, but why can't you just stick a label on the face of the box and write what's in it ? If you must see what each bead is rather than a generic....small blue hearts........Purple crystal..........Get cheapest wire and push through plastic from the inside, around the beads and back through the carton and twist ends together to secure. All the beads will then be visible and you can just cut them off and replace as required when you change your stock.

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      I swear by the bead boxes you get in hobbycraft, they do cost £2.20 or so each, but as I have found out from past expereince, if they get dropped or tipped, your beads stay intact.
      For my bigger beads I use really useful boxes... again not freebies
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        If it's for your workspace look at DIY storage in the likes of B&Q or Homebase. These are designed for storing and seperating small items like screws and nails so are also excellent for storing beads. Personally I like storage where you don't want to keep popping lids off so I have a unit from the DIY shop thats like little rows of drawers with clear plastic fronts so you can see whats inside. If you get it from a DIY store it's usually cheaper than buying spe******t bead storage stuff and just as good.
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          I have a few different storage boxes for all my beads, some are the small plastic boxes from hobycraft with the different sections in i use these for seed beabds & bugle beads, for larger amounts of seed & bugle beads I put them in plastic bage with the seals on and they are organised in colours, in a large tray type box with clip seal lid. For larger beads, lampwork & silver foil etc I have a couple of the DIY stor boxes meant for screws & nails etc, I find these are ideal as you can make bigger or smaller sections depending on how many & the size of the bead. Also you can just open the lid & see at a glance what you have available (again they are organised in colours)
          Hope this helps


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            At the risk of sounding a bit OCD; I have my seedies in glaas tubes and jars, so that I can see the contents easily. They live in a series of plastic basket thingies on one side of my beady table. My 'everyday' beadies are in clear plastic boxes with compartments and locking covers, all organised according to colour and stacked up at the back of the table resting against the wall. My swarkies and crystals are in the same type of boxes but sorted according to size. Gemmies and lampies are in sealed ziplock bags, in a series of small drawers I got from Wilkinsons. My sterling and carat gold are in another set of those drawers, in ziplock bags with anti-tarnish strips.
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