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  • Thinking about trying beading

    I have seen some of the wonderful jewellery and items that can be made and I would love to give it a go but don't know where to start. I live in Halesowen in the West Midlands, does anyone know if there are any classes in my area or do you have any advice to offer me?
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    Due to the 'newness' of beading in the UK, you will find most of us beaders are self taught. Have a look at
    it should give you something to start with!


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      Hi Streetcrafter

      Take a look at the *********** website they have three brand new books on beading and they are all available on CD. This is a great format for learning beading as you can zoom in up close to projects to see work in detail and also print pages for an easy shopping list.

      The best book on the site, for your requirements, is 'Beaded Jewellery' (by Barbara Case, previous books Making Beaded Jewellery and It's all About the Beads) which has at least 50 different jewellery beading projects and caters for everyone from beginner to expert.

      Hope this is helpful.
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        Hi Secretcrafter

        Welcome to the world of beading - I am sure you will become and addict before you know it.

        Someone else asked this question recently on here so you are not the only one ;-)

        There are quite a few ways to start beading - as Beadsage mentioned, most people are self taught. You will find there are some great books out there to help a beginners learn. I always like to recommend the book 'The Encyclopedia of Beading Techniques' as a good place to start! You will also find that a lot of bead show also sell kits with everything you need including instructions to make a piece of jewellery. This can also help get you off the ground.

        If you would like some more 'human' tuition try google'ing beading and jewellery making classes for your area. My local adult education center does some good jewellery making course so that could be somewhere else to try.

        Next month get hold of a copy of 'Bead Magazine' - this is a UK based magazine - it has loads of project ideas in it and a section about course and beading groups all over the UK!

        Hope that helps. Best of Luck and happy beading!

        Fran xx
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          Skill up

          Hi there,

          Every month we offer new tutorials for beading products called 'Skill Ups' or 'How to'. Best of all it's free help straight to your inbox. We launch in September, I hope you find it helpful.

          Good luck x
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