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    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I wonder if anyone can help me anyway?

    I've made some felt bead bracelets (mainly for children, but will be doing some for adults too) and have been threading them onto that thin sort of stretchy elastic and just tying a knot in one end and then doing the same the other end. BUT, they do come apart if tugged too hard so I'm wondering what else I could use to thread them on to and how best to fasten them. It's got to be fairly cheap because people are buying the children's bracelets to put into party bags and won't pay massive amounts.

    Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide
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    Try maybe the teeniest blob of bead glue on the knots ? (its like superglue)..?


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      I use Stretch Magic for my elasticated bracelets - the thicker the better. Don't use that stuff that looks like dental-floss.

      When you tie the knot - (this is going to be really hard to explain) make the loop, then instead of going into the loop once, go round again and do it again (I think it's called a sailor's knot or reef knot or something) This makes it extra secure. You can then add the blob of glue like Mel suggests, but I tend not to, simply because I get it everywhere!
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        I would put a dab of glue as well.
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