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Recomended "How to" books on making bead jewellery?

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  • Recomended "How to" books on making bead jewellery?

    Hi there,
    Having seen all the lovely beads there are out there I quite fancy having a go at making some of my own jewellery. I've no idea where to start, so that's the ideal excuse to treat myself to yet another craft book. After having a look on Amazon, the two which appeal to me most are "Bead on a Wire" by Sharylin Millen and "Creating Wire & Beaded Jewellery" by Linda Jones. Does anyone else have these books and if so, what do they think of them. Are there any other books you'd recomend instead (or as well!). I'm interested in using fairly large, glass and lampwork beads and making necklaces, bracelets & earrings so not the fine bead weaving (looks just too time consuming!) and not expecially interested in crystals either.
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    If you are the sort of person that has the confidence to "go for it" rather than to follow instructions, then the best book would be "the basics of bead stringing" by Debbie Kannan.
    It's a great book that list the techniques used with in jewellery making. It has step by step diagrams and instructions for all the basics likebeading basics, wire techniques, leather and cord necklaces, seed beads, materials and tools.
    You can then use the techniques to develop your own projects.
    I have the book in my shop and it is also available quite widely.
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      It really depends on what sort ofjewellery you're interested in making.

      I have "The Art and Elegance of Beadweaving" by Carol Wilcox Wells, which has good instructions in it for a variety of bead stitches.

      I also have the full range of Bead Fantasies books by Takako Samejima, but they mostly amount to just beautiful books, as I've never yet managed to reproduce a single one of her patterns.

      The first 'books' I bought were Amy Loh-Kupser's Bead All You can Bead series.

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        Hi, thanks for the replies. I've just bought the basic bead stringing book off ebay! I did have a look on your website (beads by design) but just got a blank page when I clicked on your books section. Can't wait to get my hands on some lovely beads now! Something else to spend money on! website ... my blog


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          Did my watch inspire you?
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            I have always found the American website very useful for a whole range of techniques and great gallery photos. Also just typing into google ... how to make a...whatever will give you a load of sites.
            On my own site I have instructions for making a memory wire bracelet.
            A book can be expensive if you only get a couple of ideas from it. Though you can always sell it on again through ebay!
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              Hi JBJB, yes, your watch was one of several triggers. I really just like shiny coloured glass stuff!

              RW Thanks for the link. I have two shelves of a bookcase devoted to craft books (mainly mosaic - I love them too!) and there's a little space for a few more!
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                Every month we offer free skill ups and how tos on different beading and scrapbooking techniques. Best of all it's free direct to your inbox! I hope you'll find it useful, our first issue is out in September.

                Good luck x
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