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Still starting a bead store in Enfield

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  • Still starting a bead store in Enfield

    Well, so far I have looked at shops:

    * that have an outside loo, which will be put inside, but without a roof!! (May as well put a pot in the corner and empty it out the window).

    * a shop that I spent two months negotiating over, which they then decided to refurbish! And that was network rail, but at least the head of network rail phone me to apologise when I put in a complaint Small thing, but he was really nice and offered me any other network rail address free of legal fees (but my heart is in Enfield).

    * an old bakers that still had the bakers ovens in it which no one had any idea how to remove - no, I am not kidding.

    * that is owned by a very elderly lady who will only lease it to you for 3 years - no more - only 3 years.

    * that is a complete train wreck which the previous shop owner died in!!!

    But finally - I seem to have found a nice little shop right by a bank (cash point), plenty of walkby trade, plenty of room for lessons (extremely large back room and a huge basement), corner shop with double fronted windows at a good spot in the road, next to a nice set of large offices;two 'purpose built' inside loos (please never take this for granted), lovely kitchen and even a lovely outside seat area. Oh yes, and just to put icing on the cake - it has four parking spaces to the rear and loads of parking in the side road.

    So - in the hope that this one is a goer, thank you to all those who have patiently waited for me and discussed cards, wrapping paper, boxes, doing lessons in store (and if anyone lives in the Enfield area and is familiar with beading parties for kiddies - please call (as I have three schools, a judo centre, a meeting hall for childrens groups and a nursery really close by).

    A special thank you to all those who currently own bead stores and offered advice for free - invaluable stuff. I thank you all and hope that I am very close to getting there.

    I will be in contact with all those who contacted me in the hope that they are still able to supply handmade craft goods (as that is what I really want the shop to be about).

    Oh yes, and one of the other liittle perks of the shop is that it has a little outside display cabinet where I thought I could do a sort of piece of jewellery of the month.

    If anyone has any other help, suggestions, opinions (each and every one of them is appreciated and I tell you, they come in useful), don't hold back, all advice is always welcome.


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    Sounds like you have had your hand full there finding the right place but location is key to any brick and mortar shop

    Wishing you all the best in your new venture - let us know when you are ready to open

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      Sounds ideal, good luck with it!!!

      Don't know why you didn't go for the open air loo though
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        Fantastic news - Is it near to me?


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          Good luck and don't forget to blog about progress with pictures of course


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            That is great news after such a rollercoaster ride so far! I wish you every success in your new venture and don't forget to keep us up to date with how things are moving along.
            Ali x

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              I am really pleased for you. Hope it all goes through OK. Mind you, the open to the sky loo would have won me over hands down. (Which you would prob. have to if it had rained).lol
              God helps them that help themselves.


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                Oooh well done yu. Wishing you all teh best, please keep us up to date with your progress

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                  Congratulations! It will all be worth it in the end.


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                    Sounds like you have found a fab place! Im really pleased for you.
                    Good luck with everything
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                      Have just found this thread.....where are you up to - have you opened yet? Have always thought we need beady shop in Enfield, am keen hobby beader and would LOVE a bead shop in Enfield......PLEASE let me know your location!


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                        It's in Lancaster Rd and well worth a visit!