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  • Help please!

    Can anyone help me please?

    I've finished a tiara and crystal bracelet for the bride, but she has just brought me a floating necklace and asked if I can make them for her bridesmaids.

    All of the tutorials I have seen on line have floating necklaces with crimps either side of the beads, but I thought there was some kind of jewellery "glue" you could get to keep the beads in place.

    Also some suggest tiger tail, but would Beadalon be better?

    Thanks to all who read and reply.

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    I've had lots of views, but still no replies....can anyone help?


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      Hi, I'm pretty new to jewellery but here goes...the ones I've seen are with the crimps either side, the other way is like an illusion, using tubing so the bead looks as though it's on its own. I haven't progressed to using glue yet!!! would it be the hypo cement I've seen mentioned? I'm sure someone more experienced will be along soon =)
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        Personally although Tiger Tail is cheap its not the best quality and can kink really easily when working with it, I personally use Accuflex two reasons really

        1. The higher the strand count the better and less likely to kink on you when working with it,
        2. The finish is better and looks cleaner - which in the case of the bridesmaids might be better

        the ones i use are here but they are readily available anywhere

        As for the glue I have never used anything like that - as you have already discovered crimping the most secure way to keep beads in the right place,

        Hope this helps

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          I always refer to Tigertail as the cheaper version of Beadalon as it feels more plasticy!

          Crimping either side of the bead will give you the desired effect of a 'floating necklace' without the messiness and stickiness of glue! Just make sure you get the crimps up close and tight to the beads so they don't rattle around.
          Helen xxx


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            Thanks everyone for your advice. The only ones I could find on line had crimps either side and I did see the tubing mentioned by Nettie, but I only saw it on American websites.

            Think I'll go with the crimps and see how it turns out.

            Thanks again.




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              You can use crimps with tigertail, accuflex, acculon, beadalon, etc. OR you can use Crafter's Pick Ultimate Glue and monofilament (aka catgut/fishing line).
              I've seen super glue recommended in books, but I tried it and the beads tend to slide around a day or two later. I don't actually like super glue for most craft projects. I teach the floating necklace technique and find the Ultimate Glue really good. It's a thick PVA glue with almost instant "grab" (although it takes 20-30 minutes to dry completely).
              But if your beads are large glass beads and relatively heavy, the crimp method would be more secure.
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                I made a floating necklace for a bride in August and after making it using crimps either side of the beads I really wasn't very happy so what I did instead was got some illusion wire and as I was using clear and pink swarovski's I threaded the first to beads on in the desired place the threaded the illusion wire back through the beads. The beads held in place for the whole day she wore it but there is just enough give on the necklace that should you need to move them a little you can just slide them a bit.
                I'll try and find a video but in the meantime I hope that helps!

                Emma xx
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                  For any illusion necklace I would use crimp tubes and crimp them with actual crimping pliers. Regular pliers will smash the crimps and look ugly, crimping pliers will have a nice finish. Also, crimp tubes tend to be a soft metal like sterling or gold filled and they will give the bead a little sparkle as a highlight.

                  I would avoid glue since I personally think the crimps would look more professional. But if you go with glue, I would avoid Hypo cement - which is basically a jewelers glue (stones to backing, etc). Look for Special T which is a gap filling glue and would probably be more reliable in this case.

                  As for wire, use a quality wire for more strength and durability. Also, look for a wire color that compliments the piece, for instance, if you were designing an illusion necklace with rose quartz and wanted to accentuate the design with a wire - you could use a pink wire rather than just an invisible cord.

                  Happy beading!
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