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  • Beading Advice Please

    As my new workshop is due to open any day soon (jumps up and down with excitement) I'd thought I'd try as many different types of jewellery making possible.
    The first new venture I'm going to try is beading and am asking all the experienced beaders here what are the essential tools and equipment that I will need when starting? Secondly, can anyone recommend any good books to get me started?

    I'm used to combining beads and crystal with my silver jewellery but other than that I'm a total newbie when it comes to beading.

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    Hi Caroline,
    I've got some basic instruction pages here on my website.

    As to books, there are lots of books on beading, and 4 UK beading magazines, which have techniques in them. I don't know if you can get them in Spain? The For Dummies range of books do one on jewellery making. I haven't read it, but it's a big book, and that range is usually packed with information.

    For starters, the basic tools you'll need are round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, and cutters. You can do a lot with those three pliers, but there are also tools for more specific purposes, such as crimping pliers, magical crimping pliers and others as you get more into beading.

    Hope that helps as a basic answer to your question.
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      I think you need to be more specific - do you mean seed beads, some call it bead embroidery or weaving. If you do, the Beadworkers Guild do a really good range of books. I started with the bracelet book which basically covers most of the different stitches and you can adapt them to make a range of different items. The instructions are clear and basic and they have good diagrams also. The tools are pretty basic, some needles, seed beads, thread - try KO or Nymo and a bead mat is always very useful.




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        Hi Caroline

        I'd reiterate accessing the Beadworkers Guild as a good source for beadweaving information. I've been beadweaving for about 8 years now, been a member of the BWG for about 6 of them and their journals and info on their website is great. One very good book I'd recommend is 'Creative Bead Weaving' by Carol Wilcox Wells, and covers most of the basic off-loom stitch techniques such as peyote, brick and square stitch and simple variations of. It also has a good section on materials needed which should give you a basic shopping list to get started with. I'm starting out as a beadweaving tutor and I know a lot of people can be put off with working with small beads but once you get the hang of a few basic stitches, it's actually not all that daunting and you can start playing with different sizes of beads using these techniques. I have a little craft group in my village, mainly older ladies, and I've found it easy to demonstrate some of the stitches using large plastic pony beads and waxed cord before they move onto seed beads.

        Good luck, hope all goes well for you xx

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          And forgot to say, if you're going to get into the field of beadweaving, I'd recommend getting the precision cut seed beads - I've found Japanese to be the best. You can get cheaper rocailles but they're not as regular and your finished piece won't look as good

          If beads were still currency, I'd be a millionaire!


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            Hi Caroline

            If you are interested in making jewellery with beads and particularly gemstone beads (which is what we spe******e in at Kernowcraft) we have a lovely book by Barbara Case called 'Making Jewellery with Gemstone Beads', which covers all the basics and has some really beautiful projects for you to follow. Alternatively if you are just looking for a book that will show you all the basic techniques you can't go wrong with 'The Basics of Beadstringing' by Debbie Kanan. You can see examples of pages from the book on our website - just follow the links above....

            Hope that is useful.


            p.s We do ship to Spain - postage price depends on the weight of the order, but starts from just £2.95

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