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Ordering from China??

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  • Ordering from China??

    Hi I wondered if anyone can help?

    Whilst buying supplies I have come accross lots of suppliers in Asia, particularly China and Hong kong.

    I have previously been warned against buying from these countries as I would be charged an extra postage fee to allow these goods to be delivered into the country.

    Is this the case? If not can anyone recommend a reliabel bead supplier?

    Many Thanks

    B x
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    If you buy from outside the Uk, you technically owe tax to the Uk government.
    You need to check with the IR who will be able to tell you clearly what is required.

    Often couriers like DHL will pay at customs and then charge you a fee on top of the customs charge.
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      If your parcel gets stopped by Customs (not always a given, but if you use DHL/UPS/Fedex it's almost certain) then you'll pay VAT (17.5% of your order value) and duty at the current tarriff rate for the type of item you're importing. If the duty due is less than £9 it'll be waived. The carrier will also add a charge for doing all the paperwork for you (UPS currently charges £11).

      If you're buying in any kind of quantity, it's worth looking up the tariff number and asking the supplier to put it on the paperwork - I found this out the hard way when importing a load of semi-precious gemstone bead strings. These should have been assessed as 7103990000 - temporarily strung semi-precious gemstone beads, which is 0% duty, but Customs decided that they were 7018101990 - temporarily strung glass or imitation glass beads - and I was £200 worse off as a result. (They somehow knew they were imitation rose quartz, tiger eye, red jasper etc. just by looking at the invoice - the boxes were unopened )

      The HMRC website has a couple of useful guides for consumer and business purchases - I'd post a link but I'm not allowed yet.
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        Ordering from China

        I've ordered from China in the past and found it came within about ten days. The person who sent me the items put my items down as a present and therefore I wasn't charged.
        The one thing I would warn you about is nickel content as you have to ensure they are up to UK standards. Places like America and China etc, you have to be aware of, but if they are glass beads etc, you obviously wouldn't have to bother.
        Good luck.


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          I have ordered from Hong Kong a few times in the past and they too marked on the box that it was a gift and I was not charged. I have stopped ordering from one supplier in America as although the beads were cheaper by the time I added on P&P and then all the customs and DHL charges they worked out more expensive than buying the same thing from the UK.

          Hope this helps

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            If you buy as a gift ,not tax need.


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              I have used sellers on ebay and never had a problem at all,it does take some time to arrive so if you need it in a hurry then it isn't very good!.



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