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new to beading...advice required please

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  • new to beading...advice required please

    hi there everyone
    im only just learning, so please excuse my ignorance on all matters
    im trying my hand at tiara making....nothing fancy obviously and its only as a bit of hobby. Just got a couple of questions to get me started if thats ok with you all

    1. How do you stop the beads falling down the wire? Are they glued? or do you twist the wire?
    2. Ive read about two different types of pliers that i will that right?

    as i said, im only learning so any help would be much appreciated.


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    Hi GG and welcome to the forum I will try to help but there are some very good beaders on here and I only dabble.

    1. Re stopping the beads fall down the wire you can use crimps. with a crimping tool before and after the bead, this will lock the bead in place. The crimps are tiny bits of metal that you thread onto the wire then crimp shut.

    2. Re tow pliers if you can afford it go for one of the sets of pliers that are about, shop around as costs do vary and you will get round nose, flat a few more plus cutters etc.

    Good Luck


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      thank you so much for your very helpful sure i will be bothering ppl no end with questions! hahaha

      so i need crimps AND a crimping tool...round nose AND flat nose pliers?



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        Definitely invest in some good pliers! I don't have crimping pliers at the moment (as I've not made anything needing crimps!) but I have a set of three pliers, round nose, flat nose and cutters.

        Good pliers are invaluable!

        Search around for them though, like Carole said, there are some good deals out there. I like my pliers because they're colour coded, which is great for me because my brain works quicker than my hands! Make sure you look on ebay too!

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          Hi GG If you go onto you tube you can put in beaded taira and simply watch some techniques.

          Hope this helps.

          PS. good tools are a must....... Note to self.... get some more, cos mine are worn out..
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            Yes there are some good tutorials on youtube ... We generally teach to twist the wire (20 Gauge recommended), to keep the beads in place ... Hope this helps.
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              I tend to twist rather than crimp too. Finished sister-in-law's wedding tiara last week to give you an idea of how mine turn out:

              The key thing I've found with wire twisting is the tension. Too slack and it doesn't hold the beads and design in place, too tight and your wire will break and you'll have to start all over again. I work with a set of half round nose pliers which I found does what I need and saves me keep swapping things around as I'm working. Beads Unlimited have quite a good selection from economy to professional:


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                I made my niece's a couple of years ago using this method
                Although I used 130 swarovski bicones instead of round beads.



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                  Welcome to the forum. I would definitely recommend a good set of round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and cutters. If you are using thicker wire then a pair of wire cutters might be best (these can cut thicker wires without blunting as easy). Then all you need is some headbands or combs as bases and if you are making them to sell I would recommend buying some clear tiara boxes.

                  When i got started I found that Nottingham Bead Shop (mail order beads on their website) sold a really useful book which had some great designs in and taught you all the basic techniques.

                  I use the twisting technique and find that this can be adapted to all sorts of styles. I sell the tools on my website and also the jewellery wires (although not got those uploaded yet) and so email me at if you need any more advise or would like to order any wires.

                  I also would recommend investing in a tiara making workshop to get you started. I run them here in the Midlands but might be a little too far away, I'm sure they'll be somewhere near you that runs them too.

                  Hope this all helps

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