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Murano glass beads from Italy

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  • Murano glass beads from Italy

    Hi there,

    Does anyone know how i can get hold of a reliable supplier from Italy of Murano glass beads. Is there anyone on the craft forum who has bought from Italy before.

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    Be very careful about Murano beads being made on the island. My experiance is that most beads are actually Czech and are packaged in Italy and called Murano, look for the fancy wording on the certificates and boxes There may be some made there but cost a fortune as they would be hand blown. I looked into importing a year or so back but really couldn't be 100% confident.
    Bear in mind even Troll say there glass is made in China and only finished in Denmark. Funny old world.

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      Although not italian these people make handmade glass beads in italy
      They are on another forum and very nice people.



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        Murano beads

        Many thanks for the replies. I had a look at and I can see they do some lovely glass beads, so I will consider those in the future.

        I realise you have to be careful not to get deceived regarding the not so genuine Murano beads out there.

        But has anyone actually had any success with direct import from Venice?
        And does anyone know how to distinguish fakes from from real Murano?


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          You need to be so careful when buying online when they say "Murano". I have bought them before, but that was actually in Italy. Maybe have a look on Folksy, Etsy.
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            You also need to be careful and check the dates of threads when you run a search. This one is 5 years old and I am fairly certain the original poster has got it all sorted now.
            Do not watch this space


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              I was just trying to be helpful. I keep forgetting to look at the dates they were posted.
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