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What thickness of wire to get

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  • What thickness of wire to get

    I really want to start making my own jump rings and also try a bit of bead wrapping but I'm not sure what thickness would be best suited for both of these purposes.

    also is it necessary to buy a mandrel or can I use something in my home?

    Lastly, I need to get some new pliers before I start on these projects, which sorts will I need because I can see you can buy sets but I'm quite short on money....

    Thanks for any help
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    The thickness of wire you will want, will depend on what size jump rings you want to make -Here are the wire thicknesses of our jump rings that we sell at Kernowcraft:
    3.5mm jump ring: 0.55mm wire
    5mm jump ring:0.8mm wire
    7mm jump ring:0.9mm wire
    10mm jump ring:1.2mm wire

    You can buy little tools to make your own jump rings, but to be honest you can use a screw driver or anything around the house that is the right diameter for the jump rings you want to make.

    As for pliers, choose a good pair as you will probably use them a lot. Box joint pliers are a much stronger construction and will probably last longer. We sell a pack of jewellers pliers that are really popular (they are cheaper to buy as a pack than individually) or you can buy them separately, if you know what you want. We also sell a very high quality, swiss made range of pliers, although if you are just starting out and are on a budget then the regular jewellers pliers would probably be a more suitable option - and they are also really nice quality that I'm sure you'd be happy with - plus they have funky stripey handles!!

    The different pliers have different uses...

    Flat nose: for gripping a wider surface & opening & closing jump rings
    Round nose: for making loops in wire
    Snipe nose: Eexcellent general purpose pliers for doing delicate work, crimping, bending wire, opening and closing jump rings & more, these have a smaller nose at the end good for getting into small spaces.

    Personally I find the snipe nose pliers the most useful, which I tend to use a lot - often 2 pairs for opening and closing jump rings (I rarely use flat nose pliers, as I find snipe nose more versatile, and they are always on my desk and close to hand!)

    I hope that is useful, if you need any more advice, just give us a call - we're happy to help wherever we can

    Best wishes


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