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smallish neon beads

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  • smallish neon beads

    in yellow, green,orange and pink! NOT pony beads! anyone got a source? is there such a thing?
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    I can't help with supplies for neon beads I am afraid.

    However, if you can't find what you need and fancy making your own neon beads, I do however carry the Cernit Neon Light range of fluorescent polymer clays. Might be a good way to get exactly what you need and fun to make too!

    If you click on the link above and then click on any of the colours in the range, you can see some beads made from the clay. The photos really don't capture quite how neon these colours are. The baked clay fluoresces even brighter under UV light too!
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      hi thanks for that link! them clays look amazing! if i dont find beads already made like what i want i will buy some clay and make my own!


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        I know its an old thread but - at the risk of being shouted down for mentioning one of the unmentionables . . . . ;o) - Claire's Accessories have a long strand of multi-coloured flourescent beads, pink, orange, green, yellow, blue and purple and maybe a red one too, all the colours on one strand and only £4.00 per strand. I'm not sure if they are either 6mm or 8mm round but they are an absolute bargain to take apart and make your own stuff.

        Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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