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  • Hi everyone

    Hey everyone i am new to the beading part of being crafty but my hubby bought my a jewellry making kit to do for myself and i have not made anything yet .
    Does anyone have any advice for a someone just starting out.
    Any help would be greatfully taken in.

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    Are you the felt lady?
    If so - Hi - I love your stuff!
    If not - Hi anyway

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      Ooh how exciting!

      What type of kit did you get? And have you any idea yet (roughly) what type of jewellery you want to be making?

      There are loads of good jewellery-making magazines available now. Some are very general in their approach, others more tailored to wirework, beading, fabrication etc. But they can be a really good way to get down some basic techniques, try a few projects and learn a little more about the whole thing.

      Just if you have an idea of what direction you want to go it, what materials you want to use etc - that might give us a better idea of things to suggest, websites to view etc.
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        Not sure what i want to make as yet i got bought a blue streak beads set it cost hubby alot of money i have all the tools and jews to make a few things .
        I can not wait till i can have time to have a go.
        And hi to both of you .
        And no Jasion i am just Lupin lol .
        I am just so excited to have the kit and start making things .
        I was wondering for something easy to make as a start to making jewellery just so i can get a feel for things.


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          I've got some basic techniques on my website. The photos down each side of the page are links to that idea/method.

          Hope you enjoy your beading.
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            Thank i will take a look if i may.


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              Does your kit have earwires in? You could start by making yourself a nice pair of earrings as they are really easy and would only take maybe 10 minutes. Too make some simple dangle earrings this is all you need to do. Use two head pins (look like long thin nails, with a flat end) thread some beads onto each one - you only need a couple of beads, two or three co-ordinating colours can look quite nice just make sure you make them both the same! Then you need at 1cm of metal spare at the end of the head pin, so if it's too long cut it with your wire cutters, then using round nose plyers you need to "turn a loop" at the end of the head pin (i.e. wrap the 1cm of spare metal around one of the round nose plier prongs - see the tutorial on jencel's webpage for good instructions and pictures). Then on your earwires, you'll see there is a loop at the end, you need to open this loop using two pairs of pliers following instructions for how to open a jump ring (also on Jencel's webpage) and then attach the dangle you just made from the head pin and beads by threading the loop at the end of the headpin onto the loop you just opened on the earwire, close the loop on the earwire the same way you opened it (but in reverse) and then repeat for the other earring in and viola! A pair of earrings!

              You'll probably find loads of videos showing you how to do earrings (and whatever else you fancy having a go at) on you tube. Have fun!

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                It has so many bits and bobs I dont know were to start first lol.
                I am hoping when i get a free weekend to have a friend come over and watch her make her things and have ago with it all.
                By the way any help on good and cheap beads ?
                I dont have a lot of money so will only be spending a little at a time and every so offten


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                  Hi and

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