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  • Buying Beads online???

    Hi, i love bead jewelry but i just start making by myself recently. Please help me, is it buying beads online is ok? and where can i buy beads online?
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    I buy most of my beads online, and have been very impressed by quality, value for money and speedy delivery so far.

    I buy most of my glass beads from, and most of my semi-precious from Both have a wide range of stock at competitive prices and, most importantly, the photos on their websites are very accurate.

    I buy most of my findings through independant ebay sellers, and often put the odd pack or two of beads in the same order. Again, I've not been disappointed yet. I'm careful to buy from ebay stores with 99 to 100 % positive feedback and 1000s of sales.

    I've recently placed my first order through etsy, from a supplier in Hong Kong, and am very excited about it, as it's for picasso jasper and sea sediment jasper beads, which I've fallen in love with.

    Good luck.


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      There are lots of bead suppliers online (including me !), and it's rare to hear of anything going wrong. Most are small companies, sometimes just individuals, and they're very keen that their customers are happy. So, I think you can be quite confident to buy online. And if you use your credit card to pay, you get protection if things do go wrong.
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        I buy most of my beads from the beadshop in covent garden and they are pretty good. Buying online is OK if you are using a trusted supplier and just make sure you check the sizes carefully. It's easy to get carried away when buying beads and I think it's always good to have a design in mind so you are buying to make a specific piece.

        Good luck


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          I buy all my beads on line and have nearly always been thrilled, odd occasions have been my fault, mainly for not checking size or buying cheap cheap. I have found bead suppliers to be lovely thoughtful people and if used regularly tend to get to know your taste, I have had some great beads to experiment with by buying mixtures of their suggestion.
          There is also the excitement of a package in the post. Amongst my favourites are Sanctuary Beads (through Ebay) Jencel (see posting above) and Beads Direct, to name but a few. Try buying a few at first until you establish your own style and favourites. I love it I can get so much fun for £20.


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            Buying beads on line obviously takes away your ability to handle the beads before buying but as long as the photography and descriptions on the site are good then you shouldn't have any problems - and as you become more familiar with what is available on the internet your mistakes should be few!

            It is also wise to place a small order with any particular online seller to gauge their reliability and speed of delivery. Also as with any bead shopping the pretty and sparkly has a habit of making you spend more than you originally intended . . . stick to your budget

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              I've bought most of my beads online. Never had any problems except as Di said size. I use a variety of sellers depending on what they sell, price and quality. I've also bought some from ebay. Heres a few.

     (minimum order here)

              Apologies to those who sell beads on here but I havent bought any beads from shops online since I joined rather too much stock at the moment.




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                Lots of us bead sellers operate online these days, nothing to be scared of! Some, like me, only sell online! You can often find some great prices and unusual items by shopping around online.

                Check out the signatures below people's names here for their websites etc. You can also check out ebay - lots of bead sellers on there. Or google for supplies. You will be spoilt for choice!
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                  I'd also recommend ebay.
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                    I love The Bead Store too! They are always very quick with delivery and send a pack for free beads with each order which is a nice touch!




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                      I use internet for 90% of all beads / supplies I buy, and have been impressed, I mainly use beads direct, beads unlimited, but also have about 20 companies saved in favourites, think you get used to companies you like using, and depends on what you want to buy as to who does best beads for what you need, so dont be afraid to shop around.
                      I can also recommend Jencel (on crafts forum), beads are fab, and fast delivery too!

                      Suggest if using a company you haven't heard of, maybe 'try out' with a small order first, I do this if a company I've not used before but never been disappointed yet!


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                        I buy most of my beads on Ebay and have used Beadservice also, which is very reasonable with prices and fast delivery.


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                          I just recieved some semi precious beads from beads direct and they were beautiful, I want to order some more just so i can have some more beautiful gems coming through my door They are extremely reasonably priced.

                          I love jillybeads for Swarovski crystals and glass bead mixes but their range of findings is a little limited. I come back to jillybeads time and time again.

                          Ive also had my eye on spoilt rotten beads and I think i shall be using them next time.


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                            I use quite a few different bead suppliers (I'm a bit of a tart!!) but I keep going back to Jillybeads and I've also used Beadservice (who is/was a member on here) a few times too - both really helpful and friendly suppliers, and reasonably priced too

                            I've also used Jencel (who post on here frequently), but 'in the flesh' at a bead show - I haven't ordered from them online yet. Again, they are lovely and their prices are great too.

                            For big lots of mixed beads or small quantities of a specific thing I sometimes look on ebay, you can often find a good bargain if you look through all of the 'rubbish' on there.

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                              I recently ordered from The Bead Store, and was a little disappointed with their service. They missed something out of the order, had two things out of stock which were showing as in stock online (and meant that I couldn't make the necklace that I had ordered those and some other beads specifically for - what a waste of the other beads) and sent seed beads in the wrong size (which they did change fo rme, but took a week to sort out).

                              Just ordered from Beads Unlimited - extremely fast delivery and very helpful via email. Perfect order arrived the next day D


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