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Freshwater Pearl or Cultured Pearl Beads

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  • Freshwater Pearl or Cultured Pearl Beads

    Which are the most expensive, is it cultered pearls becasue they are more likely to be perfectly round becasue they are forced, for want of a better word?

    I want to make a pearl necklace for my Mum but I am unsure what to go for.

    I was thinking freshwater potato pearls as they are naturally formed but uneven in appearance which to me gives them more appeal. and texture for touching.

    But I am sure my Mum likes cultured, are they very expensive to buy over the freshwater potato pearl. I don't want to buy any off ebay as I am unsure whether they would be 'real' if you know what I mean.

    I already costed it to £10 for a mix of 6mm and 4mm freshwater potato pearls.

    Any help, advice, links, appreciated.


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    Hi Missie

    Both freshwater and cultured pearls are cultured, the difference is that the freshwater pearls are from freshwater mussels which can produce a lot higher yields - which is why they are cheaper - they do often have an uneven surface as well which some people prefer, but if you want a smoother, rounder pearl then the cultured pearls you've seen might be better, but they are more expensive. These cultured pearls are usually from sea water oysters. But both types you have mentioned have been cultured - a piece of grit is introduced to the mussel or oyster and then it forms nacre -the pearly white substance, around it.

    We have a good range of both freshwater and cultured pearls. The cultured pearls are more consistent in shape and very smooth and round, they are a lovely quality, as are the freshwater pearls - it just depends on the look you want to create and how much you want to spend.

    If you are uncertain what you want then definitely buy from somewhere with an easy returns policy, I'm guessing on ebay you can't return them. If you do decide to buy from Kernowcraft and they aren't as you were expecting it is no trouble to return them for an exchange or refund.

    Hope that helps

    Best wishes


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