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If you were just starting out . . .

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  • If you were just starting out . . .

    . . . what would you want to know?

    Following feedback from visitors to our site we are currently building out our Guides & Information resource pages and are keen to ensure that in the first instance we provide suitable material for novice beaders . . . before we move on to more advanced techniques for the 'old hands'.

    WIth a glossary and product guides in place we would love to hear your thoughts on the techniques that forum members new to beading would most benefit from. So as a 'newbie' what information and techniques do you think you would most like to see step by step illustrated guides for . . . and if you are an old hand what do you think would most benefit the novices?

    Thanks very much for your input


    P.S. Follow the Guides & Information link on our Home page to see work in progress

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    Ooh, how about:

    Proper techniques for crimping
    Opening and closing jump rings
    Making loops and wrapped loops in headpins
    Finishing off a cord/cotton necklace with spring ends

    Maybe even hints on choosing the right beads for a project, and design tips.

    Just a few things I needed to know when I started out
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      Brick stitch is just something that I can't get my head around!
      - And I know that's the most basic bead stitch of them all!

      I have tried and it took me about 2 hours to do 2 rows of about 7 beads.

      It would be very useful to know how to do it properly so I can move onto other stitches.

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        Thanks Hazer and LillyTea,

        I shall add your suggestions to my rapidly growing list. Looks like I will have plenty to keep me out of trouble for a while!



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          Maybe a collection of the tools required for general work would be useful.
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            very limited comment here as I'm not a beader but many of the posts to this forum are asking where to source materials - perhaps a list of suppliers?


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              Hello Happy Sheep . . . a list of suppliers is a nice idea but I really don't think my little start up could cope with the competition just yet



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                Hi BBLB

                I made a post a few days ago which seems to have disappeared! You have some great info for someone like me who is new to jewelley making and the glossary is very useful. I also think a list of the essential tools would be good and tutorials on necklaces and earrings using various types of beads & semiprecious stones.

                I've been looking for some chain (sold on a roll) and have made several posts, but see you have some Curb Chain on your website! I was originally looking for large links but would like to try yours (handles for a lightweight handbag i'm making)

                Can you let me know what tool i'd need to open and close the links and also if you have larger rings/hoops to go between the bag and the chain?




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                  . . . well after an industrious Christmas and New Year and taking on board a lot of your comments and those from other forums we think we now have some Guides & Information pages to be proud of :-)

                  Still very much work in progress so if there are any more suggestions out there for content please feel free to add them to this post and I will set to work! Feedback would also be appreciated as I find that when you start writing these guides the blinkers come on and you can lose sight of your heading

                  Still not eligible to add urls yet so please visit bigbeadlittlebead and select Guides & Information from the menu bar.

                  Thanks everyone,