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soft touch beading wire and long bugle beads

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  • soft touch beading wire and long bugle beads

    hi all,
    I'mhoping you can help! I've just downloaded a free pattern from Bead and Button Magazine for Maria Rypan's Snowflake designs. I have had real trouble managing to get hold of her patterns as her online shop only seems to sell patterns/books in the US and Canada - so I am delighted to have managed to have finally got hold of one (incidentally if anyone knows where I can download/buy/print any of her other patterns I would be really grateful!).

    The pattern says that I need 'Soft Touch flexible beading wire .010' and 30mm and 15mm bugle beads. Can anyone offer any advice on where I can get the beads and wire from? I have googled the wire and its quite expensive - does anyone know any suitable alternatives? I've found some bugle beads on ebay but if anyone knows where I can get these (and where the P&P isn't extertionate) I'd be really grateful! I live in London but I can't recall seeing such long bugle beads in any shops!

    thanks again,

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    We have Soft Touch wire, which is great - very strong and fine. We now also sell the Flex-rite Extra Fine alternative, which is just another brand name for basically the same wire, but much cheaper! It is a really good wire and did really well in tests by Bead Magazine. We are now going to continue stocking flex-rite instead of soft flex, as we are really pleased with it and think that it is a really good brand, and fantastic for the customers as its cheaper too.

    We don't stock glass beads (we only do semi-precious gemstones) but I'm sure someone on the forum will be able to recommend somewhere. My only other thought is if your local haberdashery shop has the beads? as they often do pots of glass beads like this.

    Good luck!


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      Soft Touch .010 Beading Wire


      We have recently set up a distributor right in the UK for our American made products, including Soft Touch .010 Very Fine. It is important to recognize that each brand is indeed unique. Each brand is manufactured in different areas of the world, with different grades of steel and nylon. We use only the best products in our beading wire. We actually feel every single inch of wire pass through our fingers as we spool the wire onto each and every spool. We take quality very seriously and have 20 years of wire manufacturing under our belts.

      For a more inexpensive choice in the same diameter, take a look at the .010 Very Fine in Econoflex. It will not be as flexible, but might work quite well for a craft project.

      HS Walsh is the official Soft Flex distributor in the UK. They should be able to forward you along to the right local store in your area carrying the product.

      Thank you for your interest in our products.

      Best Wishes,
      Sara Hardin
      Soft Flex Company


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        Hi both,
        thanks so much for the replies and the info. All I need to do is find those pesky bugle beads now!