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can anyone recommend a good ebay bead shop?

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  • can anyone recommend a good ebay bead shop?

    hi everyone. I am still very new to this, and wondered if anyone has a favourite ebay bead shop they could recommend? I am getting tired of buying from lots of different ones. I want one which sells organza ribbon, good findings, spacers, bead caps and a wide variety of beads. for reading this.

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    i've narrowed it down - but I find you still need to have a few places - i like

    fab fifi for vintage
    get beading does good value small indian bead mixes in colour groups which are good for general stock
    i quite like sanctuary beads lately
    i prefer international craft than ebay for most findings
    i do etsy shops for bronze and unusual things (faves are pomegranate seeds, muji designs, doubleangel, lululalaland)
    and i LOVE the birmingham bead shop. Kate did me a random mix from her pickand mix section of indian glass, and it was gorgeous - just gave her a £50 budget and off she went - received the most amazing selection and it will last me ages - and much better value than anything on the internet

    how's that for a one stop shop!!!

    sorry - i can't get down to one shop


    party, party, party, book a party before christmas, £25 of free jewellery if you get 10 guests..................and a lovely night!

    (feel free to do the rep points thingy!!)

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      This one isn't on ebay but she has some lovely things:


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        The Bead Shed


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          thank you all very much for taking the time to post


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            I like Sanctury Beads as well. They have such a vast range and deliver really quickly. P&P is good too - 99p no matter what you order - but you do have to ask for an invoice to be sent as Paypal doesn't give you the right amount.



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              I don't buy from eBay.
              I like to prepare stuff myself. Maybe i am not that active so i don't buy as much.
              All i use is from my old stuff.

              Amanda Biggs
              African Gifts


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                Hi Debs..
                I dont know how close you are to Shrewsbury but theres a shop in the Parade shooping centre ,on the bottom floor..theres beads and some findings and all sorts of lovely things in there..

                happy shopping


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                  Findings (LOL) my way

                  Hi Debs

                  Like you I am pretty new to this myself, but when I was getting a bit frustrated trying to trawl through eBay sites (limited range, weird product groupings etc) a friend of mine referred me to Empire Beads <dot> co <dot> uk (I am new to this forum so it won't let me post the link) - the prices seem pretty good and all the deliveries I have received have been pretty prompt (on the days Royal Mail choose to work!!).

                  A hidden gem for me on this site are the video tutorials (you can link off one of the boxes on the home page). Some of them cover some of the basics in a way which is really useful to us beginners.

                  I am a bit of a searching junkie, so if I see any other good sites I'll post them to this forum. PLEASE - if anyone else can provide suggestions please let me know.

                  All the best



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                    Following Cath's post on the Birmingham Bead shop I found I was in the area and popped in. She has a beautiful range of beads at reasonable prices. Thanks Cath.




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                      Hi There,
                      I sell on Ebay under the name craftyboxer1 Currently I have no beads actually listed but I do have lots left from a craft shop I used to own in Devon. If you are interested send me a message and I will give you the details of my website. I'm selling everything at 65% off RRP - so some good bargains to be had. Postage charged at cost.


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                        The Bead Shed is fab!


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                          There are so very many!!

                          Angs Attic - for value items, great for silver plate for every day items and some interesting and good value beads

                          Crystal Phoenix - great for sterling stuff

                          Bookee235 - great for Swarovski if you don't mind importing

                          Claire's Beautiful Beads - good selection of good value beads, I often find some nice focal beads here and a large selection of cats eyes.

                          Moonbeamsaccessoriesandbeads200528 - some lovely semi-precious beads, often something a bit different from this seller with some nice shapes and sizes on offer, not cheap but competitively priced!

                          Helen's Little Gems - yet more lovely focal beads at fairly reasonable prices.

                          K2 Accessories - great value silver plated findings on a par with Angs Attic - also has a massive selection of glass pearls and glass bicones which are great as spacers with plenty of colour choices. Also some nice Lampwork beads available

                          bobblesandbeads - this is one of the first shops I ever purchased from, lovely lady and you can always expect top quality. She used to sell a lot of really lovely bead mixes if you wanted to make a project and although she seems to be concentrating more on crystals now I have included it on the list for quality and service!

                          Eeek - now i've given away all my secrets


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                            I love Spellboundbead @ litchfield

                            They have given great service and lots of nice stuff
                            See my cakes at


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                              A couple of Lampwork e-bay stores for you fabulous quality from british Artisans, husband and wife team.

                              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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