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swarovski crystals?

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  • swarovski crystals?


    I'm looking for a good place to buy swarovski crystal beads. I'm looking to buy anything from 100 to 1000 in one go but so far I haven't found anything the web. Does anyone know of any good sites that sell big lots in sets or just have reasonable prices or am I just wishful thinking?!


    G x

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    I use a site called grove beads: who are fairly reasonable. I've also heard good things about - i've not used them yet but i'm planning on givng them a try!

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    • #3 are the best prices for me, or ,all depends on what your after really.

      I find Grove have more colours than most other sites but there prices work out more expensive, but again depending on what your after.There 8mm round beads cost alot whereas there moons and stars are amazing prices.

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        Thanks for the advice and quick response guys, really appreciate it. I've been dithering over what to do.

        I'm really looking for the larger sizes as I already have endless amounts of the 4mm and 6mm so I'm ideally after the 8mm bicones and rounds....

        I do use the big 22mm pendants as well but I've resigned myself to those being expensive wherever you buy them...

        I've used jillybeads in the past but weren't sure how reasonable they were in comparison to other sites on the 8mm front....

        but thanks again I'll definitely take a look at the sites you've suggested

        G xx


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          Im an 8mm freak too!!!!Ive only just started to branch into 6mm's.
          Ive been buying loads of each.
          Lets put it this way, this all depends on the colours you want of course but in general, at jilly an 8mm round bead necklac(close to the neck 14/15") costs £12, at Grove itl cost between £15-£16.
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            Hi Seahorse,

            If you don't mind me asking, how much in quantity do you tend to buy at once, and does it add up to quite a lot?

            I'm looking at spending about 25 pounds which I know isn't a lot but I just want to add onto what I already have. I even looked on ebay but didn't find anything worth pursuing.

            G xxx


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              I tend to buy enough to make about 3 necklaces,I still have money issues ie I hate parting with it, so when i order anything I try to keep it around £30.Although jilly does have percentage deals off if you spend over £50/£100 in a go.

              If you buy in bulk it does work out quite a bit cheaper, yuo can get certain beads in batches of 10/20/50 which all work out cheaper than if you bought individually.

              If i can get 50 beads cheaper but only need 30, I then think of what I can use the 20 left over for, maybe earrings, maybe buy more beads to go with them for something different.

              Ive just received a jilly order and I dont like the original idea i had for them so, what do I do now, make them anyway or buy more to add to them and make something new??!!A sparkly girls work is never done.


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                I am a Swarovski freak too!

                I buy all my crystals from

                I love 6mm bicones and these work out 7p each.
                I tend to buy 360 crystal AB at a time because I am always using them. I think the pack is about £25.

                4mm crystals come out at about 5p.

                I have started to get into round but find they are far to expensive the make a decent profit on the jewellery. From beads and Crystals they work out at 19p each.

                I also like me hearts. 10mm cost 23p (in a small pack) or 18p if you buy at pack with 288.
                I have just bought some 14mm once to which cost 58p.

                When I buy I generally buy lots. My last order which I recieved yesterday was £86. I got:
                5 colours (sapphire, Rose, Heliotrope, Light amethyst and Crystal AB) of 14mm hearts (pack of 4)
                5 colours (sapphire, Rose, Heliotrope, Light amethyst and Crystal AB) of 10m hearts (pack of 10)
                75 x 6mm bicones - Jet
                75 x 6mm bicones - Ruby
                75 x 6mm bicones - Light Siam
                75 x 6mm bicones - Amethyst
                75 x 6mm bicones - Blue Zircon (my favourite colour)
                360 x 6mm bicones - Crystal AB (my staple)
                50 x 4mm bicones - Jet

                As you can see the new collection is going to be very very sparkly.

                I would highly recommend this lady and they dispatch in super quick time. P and P starts from £2.95.
                The url is

                Another Swarvoski supplier I have come across is a lady on ebay. The price look competitive. However, I haven't used her yet.
                Her shop is

                Hope this helps.
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                  Swarovski, Im salivating.
                  I bought some round domed sew ons, got them yesterday.They are so pretty but no idea what Im going to do with them.

                  As you say re profit, I think im going to have to offer a variety and make smaller bead necklaces so people have a choice in price.


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                    wow so much info thank you to you both. 360 sounds like a lot to order for £25 pounds or did you mean that each pack costs £25 and then you buy however many it is to make up 360? I had a look at ebay but was a bit daunted by it, and the prices ranged drastically. Plus I'm never sure on ebay whether you are getting the genuine article or not.

                    Thanks so much for the info; I love swarovksi I'd love to have endless workboxes full, i just find it so inspiring and it really looks something!


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                      One single pack (of 360 crystals) of one colour costs £25.

                      The smaller packs have 25 crystals in and I think they cost around £2.20.

                      Hope that helps.
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                        Hilary, if you're selling swarovski cheap then put your website url in your signature! You've got about £4.95 per 100 for 4mm 5301s to beat!


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                          Have you tried crystals4less? Not sure what their website is like, but I have bought loads from them at various fairs and have found their prices to be very reasonable. They do 8mm cushions for about 35p and seem to have a massive range of colours. I think 4mm bicones are about £5.50 or so for 100 crystals.
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                            I have used Jillybeads a lot and also an ebay seller called Gilcos.


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                              Looooove Jilltbeads, they have swarovski rings in now!


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