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    I currently buy my beads off the internet which is fine but what i really want is to be able to TOUCH and FEEL them in a shop or such like, i've never found one that sells a big variety of beads. Went to Bath last year and there is a fab little shop there, spent a fortune but does anyone know of anywhere nearer? Am i the only one that feels this way?
    I live in Suffolk Thanks!!

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    Im the same, Ive just asked for a sample of chain form a site(they said nope unless I place an order so I may as well just order the same samples Im after).
    Seeing things in a picture is all well nd good but they colours may not be right, or the texture not matching/complimenting a component you want to add.Or it may look good in the pic but tacky in real life.
    I know what you mean.Why arnt there more craft shops!!!!

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      I agree totally!

      I went to the gem 'n bead fair on saturday to combat the problem as i was looking for a particular colour and couldn't judge online. Was well worth it!

      I'm also planning on going to the hobby show at the NEC at the end of the month.

      I think there is one in Bristol that sells just beads but other than that it's hobbycraft (way expensive!)!!

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        If you can't fins a bricks and morter shop to visit, you could try asking internet companies whether you can go along to view the products. Whilst there are those who would not entertain the idea, there others like myself who are happy to welcome clients with a booked appointment to come and browse!
        I have clients from all over east yorkshire coming. The only thing I insist on is that they bring me some of their creations to have a nosey at and that they stay for a cup of coffee and a chat (about beads of course!)
        I don't even insist that they buy something!... So if you get this far north in your search for beads, you know where I am!!!
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          It's a bit far from Bristol but if i'm in the area......

          Actually I find your online shop quite sufficient beadbydesign!!
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            Need to go on a Road Trip!!

            Ok so i will have to venture north. Maybe there is a gap in the market here? I've exhausted my usual websites also, never seem to get much different stock in, has anyone tried the Rockinrabbit company? i have a lovely catalogue from them selling nice stuff but when i rang them it sounded a bit dodgy so am a bit apprehensive about ordering?
            Time for a cuppa then i'm gonna look at all your websites get some inspiration...................


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              *Time for a cuppa then i'm gonna look at all your websites get some inspiration...................*

              Bring money.


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                We will see

                Depends if it's any good dosn't it?????????????
                Ha ha i love it here........................................


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                  We have the same problem up here in Scotland, although a new bead shop opened in Edinburgh I find it diffficult to get too.

                  Its very furstrating especially when I have visited the US and the amount of shops there and the range is fantastic!!!

                  The only pther way round it is to make sure you can return them if they are not right, at least with the majority of the beads it wouldnt cost a fortune to send them back.


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                    If you lack in shops in your area, the best alternative is trying to find bead fairs. There are more and more organised every year and you can fill up for a few weeks/months.
                    I can tell you about the North West but not the South, sorry. I'll pm you a link to a list of fairs.
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                      That would be good, although i do always look out for bead fairs with not any luck around here, did go to one last Sun at Wantisden Valley but it was really small and not a lot of beads really, oh well have to keep looking.
                      Got a package from my old favourite Jillys beads today so that will keeep me quiet for a while!!


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                        there is a new shop opened in Bury town centre, called Your Touch of Craft...she sells beads!