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What's the difference? - Swarovski crystals

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  • What's the difference? - Swarovski crystals

    Hi, I just wondered if someone can explain what the difference is between swarovski crystal and swarovski crystal AB? I notice the AB stuff is more expensive.


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    AB stands for Aurora borialis (think northern lights). It's a coating that covers one half of the bead you barely notivce it up close, but from a distance it adds extra sparkle. A bit like a puddle rainbow.
    you can also get 2xAB which is coated on both halves.

    I always use AB coating for my brides as they like the sparkle.
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      AB means Aurora Borealis (probably not spelt that way tho!)

      its a coating that is applied to give an effect of more colours, like a rainbow, I think it gives it a metallicy sheen.


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        Ah, thanks, I'm making some bracelets for myself and two other bridesmaids for my friends wedding so I should probably go with the AB ones then. I'm planning on using pearls and swarovski crystal rondelle spacer beads to make something similar to this...

        Just looking for best places to buy materials from to keep the costs down

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          I've got crystal and crystal aB next to each other on this page, so you can see the AB effect clearly.

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            You might find this thread useful:


            I went for the non AB in Amethyst and the bracelet was lovely.



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              AB is as others have said, short for aurora borealis (northern lights) it gives a flickering fire sheen and changes the appearance of the colour beneath.
              Jet AB is often known as jet rainbow. you could also say it looks rather like petrol on water. In some lights it gives a slightly yellow feel to plain crystal.
              An AB finish is more expensive than the plain colour from Swarovski.
              Crystal AB is cheaper than a colour with an AB on top.
              On the pendant pieces like the heart they put the coating on the back of the piece which gives a totally different look again. Swarovski have different price points for their finishes.
              For those who are interested, here is the order of the basic colours starting with the cheapest
              1. Plain Crystal
              2. Crystal AB, Golden shadow, silvershade etc
              3. Plain Clear/opal colour eg: Amethyst
              4. Colour AB

              Then there are the double AB finishes, double dorado, Jet hematite and some other exotic examples which can be twice the price of the plain crystal from Swarovski.
              I sell many different colours and shapes and Lots of my customers want to know what AB means so it is a Good Question Nicola!
              Hope that info is useful.
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                Swarovski AB

                I called my supplier and felt like a moron..but sometimes to me anyway,. the AB finishes or maybe just the AB2x seem to make the beads a totally different color. (T0 me, all the beads turn a blue green gold).

                I love the AB finish and the ARUM 2x or whatever are awesome.. you may want to see the beads in a local shop before you order them especially if it is something where the color is important.

                Just a heads up.

                I'm sure folks on here with more experience can explain it better.

                Of course I know very little...