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  • Beading wire help!


    I am attempting to make my own wedding table decorations.

    I am aiming to make something that looks like Bridal Bouquets Crystal 001.
    Please remove the spaces after the fullstops and between the w's:

    w w w. angelsinteriors. co. uk. /bridal_bouquets_crystal. html

    But it will be on the top of a tall vase filled with crystal.

    I have some 10mm tear drop beads and have been playing around with the wire that they came on, but it seems too soft and floppy.

    I want it to be silver coloured and i want to be able to twist it to fix the beads on, but i would like to be able to have a length of about 30 cm and for it to still stand tall without falling to the side too much.

    Can someone give me some advice on what gauge (is that the right word) and material is should be looking for? Maybe suggest a particular wire that would be ideal?

    Thanks a lot!

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    You can use Silver Plated wire. We have it on our site listed under 'Silver Plated Findings' then go to 'Wire'.

    The question is what diameter do you need to support the length? (I haven't being able to get into the link you provided)

    People who make tiaras often use 0.4mm and if you're intending to twist the wire then this also doubles the diameter and also the strength.

    You can also get this wire in 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm. You may need to experiment, unless anyone else replies who has made something similar.

    Anyway, it's a start

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