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  • Bead Reamer & Awl

    Hi Everyone,
    Am loving this forum - you are all so welcoming and clever.

    Have just bought a bead reamer as thought it was to make holes in beads easier to thread when they weren't aligned. I think this is what it's for however there are 4 different tools inside and don't know what they are supposed to be for!
    Sorry for being so thick!
    Also bought a beading awl as felt I was missing out on a vital tool! Again a 'thick' question, is it to make and undo knots or does it have any another special use that I need to know.


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    Hi Helene,
    Are the 4 different tools different sizes of reamers? I know they're sometimes sold like that.

    And you can use an awl for knotting. You wrap the knot around the awl, and bring it as close to the bead as you can.
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      The reamer I use has 4 attachments, 1 flat, 1 thin round, 1 thick round, and 1 cone shaped, I use it mostly on my silver clay. but I think you can use them anyway you need to.
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        Thanks for replies.

        Thought the awl was for knotting so will have to have a try!
        As for the reamer reply, not sure what you mean by 'silver clay' work - am just a beader so any advice as to what the 4 attachments can be used for would be greatly appreciated

        thanks again



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          I think you are right - that bead reamers are used to enlarge holes. But also, they are used to smooth the edges of bead holes too sometimes, or even make them a little more concave to fit better with their neighbouring beads - all sorts of things.

          So possibly some of the other attachments you have are for the dressing of bead holes in those types of ways?

          And of course, as others have said if you like to make your own beads out of any type of clay (and that can mean oven-bake clays like Fimo, traditional ceramic clays or the newer Metal clays that fire to become pure silver or Brinze) these tools can be useful in shaping the holes pre and post firing also.
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            We also sell bead reamers, so presumably yours is similar to this? If so you will have 3 differnet diamond tips which will enlarge or clean up the holes in beads, these will just attach to the handle, simply by screwing the handle up to keep the tip tight in place.

            Didn't the reamer come with instructions? if not the real key thing is that you must use it with water to keep it lubricated, be gentle and don't push the reamer into the hole, just 'twizzle' (if thats a word!?) it gently under a slow running tap or in some water, and the hole will gradually get larger.

            The two tapering diamond tips are for enlarging the holes and you probably have a 45° point tip, which is used to smooth hole edges.

            These are a really good tool to have, especially if you are trying to fit small gemstone beads on wire or a slightly thicker thread, just a couple of twists is usually all it takes!

            Good luck!


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