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    Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to jules gems and the big bead shop in Shrewsbury. It was an amazing place, but wasn't open long, just wondered if she moved on to somewhere else.


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    Hi theresa

    I recently went there but it is no-longer I think they went into liquidation in Jan this year......thats what i read on internet, its a shame as they had some great stuff. Hope this helps



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      Yep, they were one of the early casualties of the credit crunch. I have a feeling that I read somewhere that Jules was now working with ne of the UK bead magazines.
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        Thanks, that's what I thought, I did a course there in october last year, and within a month they had closed. On the course Jules did tell us that she already wrote in one of the beading mags. It is a shame as she had been in business elsewhere for many years, and then moved to Shrewsbury and within 6 months were gone, she only opened it in the sept.


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          Jules was now working with ne of the UK bead magazines.
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            It's a shame when any business goes 'under'...I think they were probably unlucky with their timing. Expanding in a time when the credit crunch was upon us and the Pound devauling was always going bring difficulties.

            Anyway, it's good to hear she's still involved in the beading world.

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              I think it is hugely difficult for any one selling beads and craft supplies right now. Jules Gems is not the only casulty sadly and I am sure there will be more before things get better.

              I am constantly astonished at how trade prices are rising right now. It seems every time I got to order new stock the prices have gone up, up, up. Most businesses I know are feeling this right now and trying to keep prices stable for customers, but there are only so many price rises you can absorb yourself before things get tricky.

              I think the state of the pound is playing a huge part of course, and the credit crunch. Also the rise generally in the costs of transportation and raw materials manufacture, metal prices etc are all adding to the mix too.
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                I still miss Julesgems, it's such a shame
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                  Bit puzzled what you were correcting jules - I said you had moved to shrewsbury having been in business elsewhere for many years ( Cardiff to shrewsbury ) and within a month of me doing the course you had closed. Which you had, having only opened in the sept. i did the course in the oct, went to but more supplies end of nov. and you were closed.

                  We were saying the same thing. It is a shame you closed as you were the only bead shop in the area that did the courses etc, as you know you had people from out of county come to the shop.