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Bead making for a n00b

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  • Bead making for a n00b

    Hi all,
    I would like to try bead making and was wondering if anyone could offer some advice on 'must haves' for the beginner?

    Have found some info online but there's nothing like advice from bead makers themselves.

    Any advice appreciated


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    Hi, Lou,

    The first thing is really knowing what sort of beads you're interested in making and how you feel about torches and flames. If you are the sort of person who is ready to jump into something new you can find the basic starter pieces very easily, here in the UK there are a couple of people who sell lampwork starter kits with a HotHead torch which is attached to small MAPP gas canisters (MAPP canisters can be found at B&Q).

    The basics are a torch, glass, special glasses, mandrels and bead release, somewhere to torch and a good basic book on beadmaking. Cindy Jenkins wrote a book on the topic that is very useful for the beginning beadmaker, it's what my husband Mike used when he first started out in the shed with a HotHead torch.

    Alternatively you can find a teacher, there are a few here in the UK. (shameless plug for Mike here) but it depends on where you're located, how willing you are to simply try it yourself or how much help you feel you might need. It can be a good investment to try beadmaking before you buy the setup.

    The good thing about a HotHead is that they are relatively inexpensive. Tuffnell's Glass sells a starter kit with everything above for around £130 for everything you need to light up and start melting glass.

    Hope this helps.

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      Hi Su,
      Thank you so much for your reply Very helpful.

      I'm always willing to have a go on my own but there is nothing like having a teacher! I'm based in Chingford (london) which is quite a way from you I think

      Off now to look into your info. Thanks again!



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        If you are interested in making polymer clay beads I have online video courses as well as free tips and pics on my bead making blog. You can click on the MOD EDIT link in my signature for more info if you like.
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