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    Does anyone know where you can get small clear boxes with dividers to use for beads? The size I am thinking of would be about 15 x 10cm (or there abouts). They are like the ones you would buy the kits in from places like Hobbycraft. Thanks in advance!
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    bead boxes

    Try ebay. I buy and sell loads of craft related stuff on there and have never had a problem. I have defiantly seen the bead boxes you are looking for - just do a search and check out the sellers feedback before you bid. Personally I dont like those bead boxes as I find them fiddly to get beads out of. I use 35mm film cases with a label on the outside naming the contents.
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      If you are looking for larger ones then the pound shop have some and I've seen some in Netto but that was a couple of years ago. Lakeland also do some but they are probably quite expensive from there.
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        I noticed yesterday that Tesco are selling different sized organiser boxes. They have dividers and some of them can move to make the compartments bigger or smaller dependant on how big the beads are, or i suppose how many you've got.

        They're not clear, but they are like a transparent pinky colour.


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          P J Minerals has a really nice box for £2.50 which has 14 sections with separate lids for each compartment. They also have a smaller box for £1.10.