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    Hey there

    I have just decided to turn my beading hobby into a business.
    Found a site that has beading software to help you keep track of pieces and calculates prices and tax called Bead Manager Pro.
    I have just downloaded the free trial but have not had a chance to try it our yet.
    It sounds like it could be really useful.
    Fingers crossed it works, will let you know how I go.

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    Bead Manager Pro

    What did you think of Bead Manager Pro? I've been trying to find some independent reviews before purchasing it but to no avail. It just refers back to the reviews on the Bead Manager Pro website.

    Your comments would be much appreciated.


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      This is from last year, and it didn't get any answers then! We don't do techie talk.


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        I'm not interested in anything techie, I just wanted to know if it's worth buying before taking the plunge!

        Alternatively, does anyone use anything similar as I would be interested in knowing about it?


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          Tried it last year and didn't like it. I'm no help I keep hand written ledgers. I am excel phobic.


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            Hi, Gary here from

            Just an update to this very old post thread that I stumbled across. Bead Manager Pro has gone through many revisions since this thread was started and we are now on version 4

            There have been many improvements to the software including
            1. New hourly rate pricing calculator
            2. New totally customisable list views
            3. New search functionality
            4. Automated sku numbers
            5. Max/avg/last5 pricing calculation options
            6. Improved catalog functionality
            7. Ability to duplicate parts and pieces
            8. Totally new backend database functionality

            We have also set up a complete set of online video tutorials:

            Please feel free to check them out
            If anyone needs anything directly then please contact us through our online help desk;


            Gary Capps

            Bead Manager Pro Jewelry Software


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              2 years after the original post? really?
              Contact me for wholesale charm beads & bracelets.


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                Hi, just to clarify.

                Since this post was originally made we have gone from version 1.4 to version 4.0 of Bead Manager Pro.

                It has not been 2 years since we performed any sort of update.

                I only just came across the post when I responded and as we had just launched version4.0 which was a vast upgrade thanks to new technologies in Filemaker allowing us to improve functionality greatly so it seemed appropriate to reply:

                Since I actually posted this we are now on Bead Manager Pro v4.0.1 as we have updated again.