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Beads for Children's Jewellery

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  • Beads for Children's Jewellery

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about good sources of beads for children's jewellery? I am thinking about having a stall at my children's school summer fair. All my jewellery is for adults at the moment, but a friend has suggested that it would be a good idea to do some pocket money jewellery for children as well. (ages under 11 generally). Problem is all the beads I've seen are either too good for children, or the type that children would use to make jewellery themselves. Any ideas?
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    I do cheap pocket money bracelets for children ( amazing how many adults buy them for themselves as well )

    I buy alot of beads from here

    with kiddies bracelets it's best to stick to plastic beads,keep it simple ..just thread them onto clear elastic or shearing elastic .

    I have fun making mine, I make about 50 in one go both for boys and girls and the kids have fun sorting through them all looking for one they like

    little tip....make 3 or 4 the same as I've found a group of friends like to have matching bracelets
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      I do the same things at events where there are likely to be a lot of kids and I've found that sometimes the sales of these alone has covered my table fee! Another thing I've done in the past, is sort small quantities of plastic beads and lengths of elastic into little baggies and sell these for the kids to make their own with. Great if they're feeling creative and a lot less beads to get stuck in the hoover than some of the bigger beading kits I've seen around aimed at children!

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