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    May I ask what your preferred ways of finishing a necklace or bracelt are? I'm very new to this, I only started last July and then discarded my first piece for a little while and picked up again, I believe, in the early autumn.

    I used to put a dab of superglue into the callotte (and on me too usually) and then I would plier it closed and this has worked so far, but recently two of my necklaces lost their callottes. The first time I was wearing one and one of the four strings came loose (I don't think it was long enough truthfully) and the second time, I was just hanging the necklace on a piece of dowling to keep it from tangling and the clasp came off in my hand. Luckily I was in the house both times.

    I have, this week, tried knotting the thread around a single seed bead and then enclosing that by itself in the callotte.

    Is there a preferred way? A better way? An easier way than gluing myself to findings?

    Thank you for any help you may offer.

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    I never use thread, so my personal way may not suit you. But I prefer to use Beadalon or Flex-rite wire. The higher strand ones such as 49 strand will drape like thread, and are twisted strands of steel so you get the strength.

    I finish by using a 'Wire Guardian' and a 'Crimp tube' which I close with 'Crimping Pliers'.

    This way eliminates all the problems of thread/wire slipping out of the callotte, or the callotte hinge breaking.

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      Thank for replying Debbie
      I have never tried anything other than loom thread, so that would be something interesting to play around with - thank you again!