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  • Help to find beads please

    Hi, after a lot of thought I have decided to have a go at selling my tiaras. I am fed up of making them and then dismantling them after a week.
    I am wanting to source swarovski crystal 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and freshwater pearls. I currently buy my wire from the bead shop in nottingam and I am not sure if it is good in the long term! Also I am wanting to make my own tiara base as then it is more flexible, but I am unsure as to how to do it.
    Any help would be gratefully received. I was hoping someone on here may be able to point me in the right direction.
    I am going to make some new tiaras over the next couple of days and then I will add them to my album for some feedback and honest opinions(hubby will say everything is nice, even though its not).

    Many thanks for reading
    Sorry for all the questions
    samantha x

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    I have bought Swarovski crystals from Fan V=Beads on ebay and they are a very good price and service;

    As for seed pearls i am not sure. i do use them but have bought them from all over the place (mainly ebay).

    Good luck with selling your tiaras and looking forward to seeing some of your work.


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      Hi I use these peeps on ebay they are nice to deal with and fairly quick delivery for China. the beads seem genuine, they are always good quality.
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        I use fan-beads too. But also have a look at They are very good value for money too and just £2 post.

        hope this helps.
        Joanna Marie Jewellery


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          I always get my swarovski crystals from caron at nosek just jems.

          Carol XXX
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            I have just used, you have to spend £25 or pay a £2 surchage but its fairly easy to spend that much, especially on swaorvskis. P&P is calculated after the order but is very reasonable, they charged me £1.20 for an A5 jiffy bag of stuff and it arrived in 2 days
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              I buy my swaros from here because they do such fabulous mixes;

              Artisan Glass Beads & Jewellery


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                I also use Noseks because they have a fantastic selection of colours. The Bead shop at Nottingham are also good value for money.
                Arctic Fox Jewellery


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                  Hi everyone.
                  Many thanks for all the helpful replies. I am going to have fun now looking through each of the suggested sites and spending lots of money.


                  when I get the guts I will add any creations to my album for some feedback.
                  samantha x


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                    Hope that wont be too long . we like to see new things..
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                      I have used fan-beads a lot, but I am finding that is giving good service and always has a good stock of colours

                      best place for pearls is

                      looking forward to seeing what you make


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                        Hi, thankyou all so much for all your replies they have been very helpful. I am going to try and upload some pics onto my album of ones I have made with stuff I have had lyig around gathering dust.

                        samantha x


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                          Hi Samantha,

                          I make my own tiara bases using 1.2mm silver plated wire which I get from our shop spoilt rotten beads.

                          I'll try to explain how I do it but it's always easier to show someone rather than try to explain in words....

                          Snip off a 60cm length of wire and make a loop about 5cm from one end and then take the long end of wire around to make the basic tiara base shape and make a loop at the other end.

                          Next bend the wire back around the tiara base towards the first loop, make another loop close to this one and then wrap the short end around the tiara base close to where the two loops are.

                          Take the remaining end of wire back around the tiara base towards the other end of the base and make a fourth loop and wrap the end of the wire around this loop and the 2nd one and snip off any excess wire....phew!!

                          Sounds really complicated but it's not at all - not sure how close you are to me but I run tiara making classes where we do actually show you how to make your own tiara base.
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                            sorry for that we are just the acrylic crystal beads an ABS pearl beads manufacturer and wholesaler. if you need them in the future, we will try our best to help you.

                            YUYA BEADS FACTORY
                            [email protected]
                            Beta Yang