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    I am a little unsure of what to do,so all thoughts on this are very welcome.

    I ordered some crackle beads off the internet and they have arrived today.The colours are perfect and they include some two-tone ones as well. The only problem is that they are not all crackled, only about 1/4 of them are. This is some thing that has happened before whenI bought some from a difference source. Is this something that I should get back to the supplier about or just one of those things?

    After reading it back have decided to drop the supplier a quick email!

    Butstill intrested in what your experiences have been.


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    If they are sold as crackle beads they should be crackled !! I have had 2 or 3 in a strand that have been very sparsely crackled but none that were plain. The main thing to be aware about crackle beads is that they are not all made from coloured glass, some are plain glass that has been coated with a coloured film. I bought some beautiful colours including two-tone at a bead fair and made myself a bracelet but the colour scratched off quite quickly.
    Is the stringing thread coloured as well? Have a close look at around the holes to see if the colour has worn away or scratch one to see if they are coated. Some internet stores are selling them as 'dyed glass beads' but of course you cannot dye glass - they are coated.
    I would send them all back as they as they are not crackled especially if they are coated as they will not last long in jewellery.

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      I don't know where you got them from, but Just Beads (Bea on the forum) sells good ones.

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        personally if I had ordered crackle beads and the ones sent were not crackled then I would not be happy and ask for a replacement or refund


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          I agree, you ordered crackled so they should ALL be crackled, if it happened to me I don't think I would be too happy about it.

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            An update on this is that I have spoken to supplier and she is going to send me some more out in the post, it seems that she has a few that are uncrakled so will send another string and I should have enough from both of them.
            Really lovley lady who was very helpful.