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    Does Anyone Do Hama Beads I Think They Are Great Fun

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    My daughter has used them and come up some smashing designs!!! I also thought there may something in using some them in jewellery at some point!!

    Oh and to the forum



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      Not something I've used but Sam who works for us made us a nice little wall hanging with our trading name on it which hangs proudly on the wall on our market stall.

      Not sure how you'd incorporate them into jewellery though - would love to hear your ideas.

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        I do them with the kids mainly - but then tend to get carried away with my own designs
        I have seen them done into little earrings or pendants - can't think where though, sorry
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          sorry if it is a silly question , but what are they?


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            Hama Beads Are Little Beads That You Put Onto A Peg Board And Then You Iron Them.

            Thanks GlamGlass

            Has Anyone Got Any Pattern Websites If so Can You Send Me The Link Because I Have Done All The Books.



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              I have thousands of the stupid things. My children used to have a go with them but as with all things they got bored with them and now I am stuck with them.

              I have tried using them in my mosaicing and have glued them to picture frames and made little hanging garden things incoporating them with glass and mirror. I have got pictures but I cant seem to get them on the forum or my profile as they are more than 600 pixels

              I HAVE DONE IT!!!!! I have managed to get my pictures of the hama frames etc on my profile. yippee and thanks to my 10 year old daughter!!! Should have asked her in the first place
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                I have a massive bucket full of them somewhere with loads of peg boards, my kids used to make loads of stuff with them and I have a whole row of little beaded hearts on the wall in my kitchen.
                I think I will dig them out and pass them on to younger nieces and nephews as I very much doubt my teens will ever use them again.

                I wouldn't dare use my hamas in any jewellery as I used to melt so many holding the iron on to long,lol, but would love to see what you do with them.
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                  My girls love Hama. There's definitely a knack to ironing them for just the right amount of time though - not long enough and they're too brittle or too long and they melt. We've even melted a couple of the boards.

                  I found this on flickr for anyone who needs Hama inspiration



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                    Beading circle?

                    Hi, I am a new Forum member and want to ask if anyone knows of any beading circles/bees for new beaders especially jewelry? Thanks


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                      I used to use hama beads in my magic show for the kids, I'd tip a bag full of them into an empty box and get the kids to do the magic dance around the box, when they stopped and opened the box there would be a load of necklaces for them, I used hama beads because I could get a big bag of them for very little outlay the kids didnt mind they were cheap plastic beads it was a necklace they had made with magic.
                      Other than that no I cant see me using them for jewellery


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                        My daughter loves these, although doesn't do so much with them now she's older, but on a trip to Ikea some time ago they were selling a bit plastic jar of them & best of all was the Swedish name.....Klapper Plockers, so in our house that's what they're called
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                          I do hama beads. I originally bought them for the kids but I play with them more! Especially since I found the mini ones. My daughters have made some awesome things too though. I've also made some jewellery with them. You can see a few of the things we made in my flickr.


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                            I haven't made any Hama Bead Designs for ages now but I used to do them all the time and really loved it! It was SO fun creating different designs and I was forever making them for my family - I still have all of the designs I have made, I have horses, the England flag, Butterflies, Dogs etc etc.

                            Thank you so much for reminding me about the Hama Beads ... I think i'll have to get my hama kit out again now lol.


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                              My daughter Lizzie loves Hama beads, she put them on her Christmas list so we bought her a big tub to replenish her stock, she was well chuffed.

                              Jo x
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