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  • Where to start?

    For a long time now I've wanted to expand in terms of my crafts and last year I had a go at making a few pairs of earrings. I was really pleased with the results and I want to have a go at a few pieces over the xmas period.

    Where do I start though?

    There is a bead shop in the next town along from me, so seeing as I'm only just starting, would it be best to buy a few bits from there first and see how I get on?

    Can anyone recommend any good websites in terms of supplies?

    Also are there any good books out there for beginners?

    My MIL has some tools so I will borrow those from her to start with, so really I need some idea as to what to do and a few supplies to get me started .

    Thanks in advance!
    Katian Mosaics

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    I've got an Introduction to Beaded Jewellery DVD which also includes printed instructions. It was from geminicrafts and they're a dot net website (sorry I couldn't include the link - I don't have enough posts yet, PM me if I've confused things). Unfortunately I can't see the DVD on their site but you could get in touch and see if they still have it. It's pretty straightforward to follow as a beginners guide.


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      If you're after a book I'd recommend any written by Barbara Case. She explains everything from scratch in idiot-proof terms, loads of pics and some lovely projects to try. Well worth it IMO.

      Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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        The bead shop isn't in Wolstanton is it? If it's that one, I would happily recommend you go and talk to Mark - he will help you find your way!


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          Hi Katianne

          Have you tried your local library for books?

          I've got a book voucher for Watersone's but every time I go and look at the jewellery books I get soo confused and want to buy them all. So I decided to see what's in our library so I can have a good look at the books at home and then I'm going to buy whichever one I think looks the best.

          I have a barbara case one at the moment and it does like pretty good.

          Good luck choosing!



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            Hi Katianne

            There are currently 31 free tutorials on my 'Beadclub' You Tube channel which you can access via my website or on You Tube:

            The projects range from very basic techniques for making earrings, necklaces plus lots of other project ideas.

            Hope that helps :-)



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              OOO thanks Lili! These videos are very useful.


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                I started out by doing a beginners class at my local bead shop, it may be worth enquiring to see if there are any near you