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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my good news with you all. Last week I did 2 jewellery sales and took just under £1100. I know it was a lot of money to take, but I felt so proud that people wanted to buy my jewellery and wear it. All my work colleagues are wearing my jewellery I can't believe that they like it so much. I have been making the jewellery for 6 months now and I have taught myself, like a lot of you have and I know that there is tons more to learn yet, but I am having a great time experimenting. I would like to post some piccies of my work, but could do with some advice on taking photos please. I have a good camera but when I take a photo it never seems to come out very clear. I could do with advice on backgrounds aswell. The photos I have viewed on the forum seem quite clear to me, wish mine were as good. Any comments would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    I have a small table top tripod, this helps with any shakes of the camera, also it can be angled to suit the item.

    My sister always wants my jewellery on black but I have found that this can cause the beads to reflect so I go for a pink fabric with lace over the top to soften, plus it compliments my website better.

    When I upload the photos I then put through Photoshop to sharpen and or blur the edges, just really to improve the shot as much as possible. I still get errors but even a photographer cannot guarantee perfect results every time.

    Good Luck


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      congratulations, you must be a talented craftman. you taught yourself how to make jewelry and the most important thing is they are nice so your colleagues love them.
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        Wow what wonderful results. You mu be so proud. Not made Jewelry yet so can't give any advise on taking photos. However think Caroleecrafts taking photos on pink and lace is good as I often have a hard time imagining what things look like on skin if they are on black. Though I have seen some jewelry I drooled over on black backgrounds.
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          Wow that amazing! Any tips on holding the sales?? I had one recently and sold a fair bit but nothing like yours!!


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            Wow thats brilliant well done I bet you are on such a high after that, what sales did you did were they like jewellery parties?


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              That is a lot of money!

              I don't think I have taken over a grand altogether in all of my sales!

              Does your camera have macro settings? It is usually the tulip icon, turn that on. Turn the flash off and have good lighting too. That's all I know, but my photos aren't the best anyway


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                I have my camera on a tripod on macro setting to eliminate shake and a high intensity flash as well as a bounced flash to pick up the sparley bits, the item to be photographed is usually placed on a non reflective background but I do need more practice at presenting the items artisticly rather than just laid out on a boring background


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                  Blimey Thats a lot of money!! well done, thats fantastic!! What style of Jewellery do you do?

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                    HI ya

                    Well done !!

                    I have my camera on a macro setting too and I use a white glass background and lift the lighting with software.
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                      Hi guys, thanks so much for all your kind words and advice and I promise I will be posting some piccies soon. I am just getting ready for another sale tomorrow at my hairdressers this time, so wish me luck. I have two part time jobs, one at the Local University and the other at the Royal Mail, where I have access to a lot of ladies and they have been asking me to do a sale at both places, so I booked a stand at the Students Union and I was there with my friend from 10am til 4pm and we took £701. The next day I was at the Royal Mail - a smaller venue and took £330 and I had already taken £59 that week from sales from my colleagues. I was the only one doing the sale so I had no competition. I had a stand at Vodaphone in August and took £350 on that day, and my first house party was on November 7th and I took just over £500 on that night and have taken further orders from all the venues, so with work and jewellery making I have been very busy. If I can offer any advice I would say to ring up any large local companies, colleges, uni's etc to see if they hold sales at any time and just book a table. I had a large dish of quality street on my table and that attracted people straight away, everyone loves a freebie. I also offered 10% discount for any single sale over £25 and also included a nice Xmas carrier bag - I got 3 for £1 from the pound shop- excellent quality an the customers were delighted by another freebie. I try to use display stands as much as possible as this shows the jewellery off to the best advantage I think, and last of all Smile and be friendly even if the customer is a bit fussy or awkward ( there's always one!) The jewellery I make is varied to suit all ages, a big seller for me just lately is the liquorice allsorts bracelet, check them out on they charge £12.50 on their website, I charged £7.50 for mine. Hope I have answered all your questions, please feel free to ask me anything. xx



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                        That's fantastic, you have obviously thought it through and so have reaped the rewards. It's good of you to share your ideas with the rest of us as we could all do with some decennt sales. Good luck with the next ones!


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                          Good for you, that's great news ! well done for getting out there and going for it, which is the part most people have trouble with.

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                            Thanks Debbie, I have just been on your website, and you have some fab items, I can feel a purchase coming on soon!! Just got back from the jewellery sale at my hairdressers, I took £290 today and a further £90 during the week, so I have had another great week. Just off out now for a nice carvery, my treat of course!!



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                              It is great that you are doing so well selling your jewellery, but be careful about using other peoples designs.... there are many threads on the forum about copyright; I would have a quick look at them, just to be sure that you are not infringing copyright.