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  • Bracelet help please

    Okay, so I finished the watch strap I was doing - I'll photograph and post later - and really like the look of the strap and my brother has said that he would wear it as a bracelet.

    So I have a couple of questions:

    can I use elastic thread for beading? I need to use a needle for the design and I'm worried that I'll be stretching the elastic too much.

    what is the standard size for a bracelet? I have bracelets in my jewellery box that differ in length and I have big wrists so don't want to size bracelets to me as I want to make some for my niece and friends daughter aswell.

    Thanks! I did say when I introduced myself that I would be asking lots of questions!


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    Hi Nic

    Can't really help with the elastic for beading using a needle question. I've used elastic for bracelets but never used a needle as the beads were big enough.

    As to bracelets and wrist sizes this always worries me when I make bracelets for people.

    I think the average size adult female wrist is 7.5" so thats what I tend to work to. Saying that my own wrist is 6" and my mothers slightly smaller so I always have to make our bracelets smaller. I have had people ask for bracelets upto 8.5" so there is a wide variety. Also if you are using large beads then you need to make it bigger aswell.

    I've made childs charm bracelets ranging from 5" to 7" (roughly age 10 age group) so it's a minefield. After asking on here, I now make childrens bracelets with lobster clasps and extension chains - makes life much easier.

    I've googled wrist sizes before now and thats not really helped much either. Have you considered using memory wire? Its fairly easy to use and much safer for sizes although that too comes in a variety of sizes for bracelets you can't go far wrong with it.

    Good luck!

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      My wrists are 5.5inches so i guess i can wear kiddie bracelets

      I use tigertail and beadalon thread are good and you ca get diff colours havent tried elastic but would be reluctant because it sometimes just snaps for no reason. (1/2 marathons for World Society for the Protection of Animals) Vegan cookery


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        it's easy to solve this problem, just make beads of every possible size.
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          I use tigertail too as it is strong.

          Size I generally stick too is 19cms but again it depends on the bead size
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            The average size of a bracelet is 7.5" which fit people who have 6.0" to 7" size wrists. This bracelet length is intended to be loose and lay on the top of your hand. So you need to decide whether you want it to sit higher on your wrist and what the size of the individual's wrist is.

            Other things to take into account is how big the beads you are using, because their diameter will 'eat' into the finished length.

            And I don't really see why a watch strap couldn't be made with stretch magic elastic or similar. It's not much different to making any other stretch bracelet. You could even use wire guardians on the loops of the watch face to prevent abrasion.

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