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Beaded watch strap help please

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  • Beaded watch strap help please

    Hi everyone

    I bought a watch kit AGES ago and finally felt brave enough to tackle it today. The instructions say to use 4 strands of nymo, put on a stop bead and leave 15 cm of thread the other side of the stop bead and begin the strap using brick stitch. It doesn't tell me what to do with the thread that's left the other side of the stop bead and I'm not sure of the best way to add extra thread when I run out. Can anyone give me some advice please?


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    The 15cm thread will be to attach your fastening when you've finished weaving, personally, I would leave about a foot - 30cm - it's easier to cut thread off than to tie it on if you haven't enough! To add to your thread if you run out - and I suggest you try and use about 5ft, which is both arms stretched out - you just tie a knot, and if it looks as if it is likely to slip use a bit of nail varnish!


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      It's not for the fastening, that's what's so confusing. I leave the thread when I start off the stitching of the strap - it's 5 beads across and the 3rd bead on the first row is actually the ring on the watch. As I'm using 4 strands of nymo if I tie off my threads at the side of the beading it looks rubbish and when tying elsewhere as it's so thick it doesn't hide very well in between the beads.

      I've been playing around for over 2 hours unsuccessfully so I'm giving it a rest for now and hopefully it'll all come together later!


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        Who's kit is it? The other way to approach it is to throw the Nymo away, and use single strand Fireline or Softflex - what size beads are they?


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          I have some soft touch on order and it should be here by the weekend.

          I bought the kit from Beads Direct last summer but the instructions aren't great which is why I haven't tackled it until now. The beads are 4mm square.

          I thought 4 strands thick of nymo was a bit much though, perhaps I'll try it double instead - the knot wouldn't be so obvious then. Or I'll wait until the soft touch arrives.

          So do I just simply tie the loose ends into my stitching and weave a bit of the length back through some of the beads?

          I know I'm a complete pain, but I don't know anyone who does stitched jewellery that could help me and my local bead shop only does workshops with large beads and I'm fine with those already.



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            If you're using soft touch you should be able to weave it back in. It may be worth giving Beads Direct a ring - they are very helpful and may be able to advise you better about one of their own kits. You are not being a pain, beading is like driving - we all had to start somewhere!