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  • Daisy stitch

    Hi everyone

    I bought a beading book last week where all the designs are made using the daisy stitch. I bought some nylon thread and needles as I already have a ton of seed beads. I started attempting it this morning and normal nylon thread is too thick for the needle and the really thin stuff doesn't seem thick enough as the beads don't really keep shape.

    What thread would people recommend please? Also, I'm thinking of using larger beads as the finished daisy is tiny. Any suggestions?


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    Not sure what you mean by nylon thread..... monofilament stuff like fishing wire, or nymo?

    I would use either of the above. (I have most recently done some right angle weave with 3mm swarovski crystals using 2lb fishing line and a size 10 needle)

    With regard to the needles, size 10 or 12 needles should be fine for most seed beads, I use size 10 and they go through size 15 seed beads.

    can I just check that you are using beading needles and not sewing needles? Beading needles are straight all the way along whereas sewing needles have a little bubble up the top where you thread the thread through, this end does not usually go through seed beads.



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      I agree! For all the seed bead stuff I do (especially the beaded rings) I use a beading needle and nymo and have recently done a few daisy chain necklaces. The seed beads I use are usually size 11 (2.5mm) but did some using size 8 (3mm) and a small normal needle went throught those.


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        I'm using beading needles, size 11 and the seed beads that I have are 11/0. I can only get those sizes locally. I've got some beading thread now and have been trying to get it right but getting very frustrated. I think that I'm not getting the tension right or something. The first shape is fine and then it all goes wrong.


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          ah tension!

          I think it just takes practice to be honest. Keep practicing the stitch and eventually it will all come together. If you are having problems with it being too loose, something I have found works for me is to either double your thread or just go back through each row as you finish it.