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  • Bead shops London

    Being taken to London tomorrow by hubby as an early birthday treat, does anyone know of any bead shops that might be near the Harrods area (going there for lunch apparently!). Might need to feed my bead fetish as well!!! Selina

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    hmm, not sure about around there, but if you find yourself around carnaby street theres a WONDERFUL one called creative beadcraft. it's really quite magical. they have a website too however.
    theres also a couple dotted around covent garden.
    have a lovely day!!


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      I know litter about that area.


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        The Bead Shop - Covent garden! It is fab!

        21a tower street

        Don't know where the others are though it took us long enough to find that one - lucky for me, OH had the google machine on his phone, plus a satnav!


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          didn't have the address so couldn't find the bead shop Did buy a string of jade beads from the market area of Covent Garden. Also bought my Christmas Pudding from Harrods! Selina


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            Bead shops London


            I had a trip to London in October and had time for some bead theorapy.

            Went to the Bead Shop in Covent Garden. They even have a couple of chairs dotted about for non-beads to have a seat whilst they wait.

            Their address is: 21a Tower Street - WC2H 9NS
            They also have a website.

            Glass Beads on the shop floor and then sterling silver and gemstones downstairs.

            Could have spent hours there.

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              Hi, did you find the beadshops? Sorry I missed this post when I could have been more help to you. The Covent Garden beadshop is actually on Earlham Street right by the Seven Dials. Creative Beadcraft is on Beak Street at the bottom of Carnaby Street. Then if you cross the road diagonally from there and go into Kingly Court there is a fabulous bead shop on the top (2nd) floor called Buffys Beads, all gemstones and sterling silver findings - heaven.

              I live 35 mins away on the tube from Covent Garden, I have to restrain myself!

              There are no bead shops near Harrods as far as I know.

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                Next year when I go I'll find this thread and work our my 'bead route', seems like a I missed out on loads of fun, the jade I bought is really nice though, made a bracelet tonight. Need lots of stock for 8th Dec when I have a jewellery party at the salon, made 4 necklaces another bracelet and a pair of earrings while hubby was out tonight so feel quite good now! Also had a fabulous delivery from Beads Direct today, gorgeous stuff! Selina