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  • which thread for beading?

    Hi, I've just started to make bead jewellery and have a lovely book with some wonderful designs for necklaces etc. made with small beads, weaving flowers etc. - but I was wondering which thread is the best to use? I bought some nylon thread from local garden centre craft section, but it was v. stretchy and not v. strong. I bought Beadalon Dandyline which seems v. strong and will be good for some pieces, but is white so visible and also it is quite floppy. I wondered about wire - does anyone have recommendations for wire/nylon which is flexible enough for fine beadwork but strong and a bit more rigid??? Hope this makes sense....

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    I use Nymo C, can fray a bit but if you use thread heaven avoids the tangles etc.


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      Stringing material is very much horses for courses. for off loom weaving I tend to use nymo, they have quite a range of colours to suit the beads. for a light necklace with beads and crimps where the string will show I use either beadalon or tiger tail. I sometimes use stretch magic for bracelets but dont often make stretchy things There is a whole range of other materials for stringing beads on I have recently used organza ribbon, hemp cord, leather thong and am starting a braided silk cord on a mirudai for some lampies I picked up at the bead show. but as I said at the start for seed beads I mainly use nymo


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        i suggest some soft and flexible ropes or just ribbons.
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          does anyone use wire?

          Thanks for those suggestions - I'll look up Nymo. I tried making a necklace with Dandyline last night, and although it looks pretty it is too floppy!! I have read about 49-strand, 15-strand wire etc. - does anyone have any advice on which is best, what is the difference etc. I really want something flexible enough to weave with but which will hold a shape!


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            You don't say what sort of 'weaving' you want to do - if you're using seedbeads then Nymo, KO, or Fireline is ok, but if you are 'stringing' or using larger beads you need something like Beadalon..............which is where you get the 49 strand from..........but that's far to thick for normal beadweaving. As Shiner said, it really depends on what you want to do - there are so many different disciplines in beadwork.


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              Hi, Yes it is weaving with seed beads and other v small beads - small motifs like flowers, circles etc. The book recommended nylon but the first one I bought was too thick to go twice through a bead, and also quite stretchy and weak. I'll look into Nymo or the others you suggest. Thanks!