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no one told me !!

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  • no one told me !!

    that ear wires can be slightly different in length
    we have a handmade card and gift party this saturday and our friend has lent us her earring stand
    lovely you may say but my earrings looked completely lost on it so I've been busy making loads this weekend , but one pair just weren't the same length , I've spent ages undoing them , cutting a bit off one of the headpins etc etc put them back on the stand and one was still shorter
    it was driving me mad until hubby said are the ear wires different lengths ???
    and when I looked yes they were !!!!!!!!!!

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    how very bizarre ive never had that prob
    I craft, therefore I am!
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      oh no so it is just me lol


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        I often get different batches of headpins mixed up, the secret is to thread your beads onto the headpin then work from the top of the beads upwards.
        If your leaving a gap before putting the top loop in, then use a solid spacer to make sure the distance is the same.
        Hope that make sense.
        Making just over 200 pairs a week now, so Ive made allmost every mistake possible, till the next one


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          I have managed to get two batches of s/p earwires mixed up this week, and have made about 150 pairs of earrings, and it's not until I have hung them on my earring rack that I can see if I have a matching pair.

          I have now started to pair them up before I put them on the pins, and make sure that I earwire up each pair at a time, rather than just pull an earring out of a pile!


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            Oh yes, there are many sizes of earwires and also many designs

            I "try" to keep them separate but there is always one that creeps into the compartment with all his big mates, just to annoy me

            Glad it happens to other people!


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              I have never had a problem, but then I tend to stick to the same ones and same supplier etc

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                The tails can be different lengths on ear-wires for different types you buy, and range between 17mm to about 23mm, but should all be the same within a code number you order.

                So the thing to remember is not to mix them if they're different code numbers or from different suppliers. That way you should be making ear-rings the same length

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