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Elastic necklaces snapping

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  • Elastic necklaces snapping

    I have started to try to make some necklaces for the kids.

    I am using some plastic flower beads that I bought in bulk from a bead shop. I am using stretchy clear plastic cord from Lincraft (Sullivan's Beading Elastic). It wasn't particularly cheap - so it shouldn't be a dodgy brand?

    The first one I made was on 0.5mm cord. When I tied the knot (square knot) the cord snapped at the knot while tightening. I thought it might have been that I pulled a bit tight so I repeated it using 1mm cord. When I tied the knot (surgeon's knot) the cord snapped at the knot again.

    I checked out some knotting videos on the net this morning - and I don't believe that I am pulling as hard as the lady on the film.

    Any ideas?
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    I will have some strong multi strand stretchy cord when site updated
    soon and will be 50p metre o.k. in a variety of colours
    by the way you should always wet the knot before you tighten it

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      I have no idea why you elastic should be snapping. The brand you are using doesn't ring any bells though; is it designed for jewellery making?

      You say it is only snapping when you are tying it; could you be a teensy little bit gentler?

      HTH..... without seeing the elastic, it is difficult to know what you are doing wrong


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        Thanks - I'll try being a bit gentler and see how things turn out.

        The thread was from the beading section at Lincraft (same area as the tiger tail etc) so I am assuming that it is the correct stuff.



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          I am at help at all really as I don't make these but i had thought that a surgeons knot was meant to be the best knot with elastic jewellery?


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            elastic problem

            I to have the same problem when i go to tie the knot the whole thing snnaps and the beads go flying, perhaps i too am tying too tightly. although I do not think so.
            perhaps someone out there has an idea?



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              I to have been asked to makeke elastic stretch bracelets and neckalces.
              I also find the elastic is not strong enough and tends to snap quite easily.
              I always pull these apart in the same way as you would expect little ones to do , just to make sure for safety reasons.The same thing happens to me, so I now use an alternative.
              I use good old shearing elastic that my mum always used for sewing, and I got this fron the button store on the market.This works brilliantly for me and so far has not snapped.I think you can get this in other colours these days, but up to now have just gone with the off white.
              Hope this has been helpful
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                Is the elastic snapping at the knot or midway through?

                If the knot area is snapping, it could just be because you are pulling it a little too tight maybe?

                If the elastic is breaking midway through the bracelet then maybe the bead holes are a bit sharp and are fraying and weakening it? Depending on the material, if this is the case maybe you could ream the holes a little. Most plastics will smooth out quite nicely with a little work.

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                  I don't know the brand mentioned either but I swear by Stretch Magic and I always recommend it to people who have had trouble with stretch elastic. With Stretch Magic you actually really need to pull the knot very tight. I'd recommend the 0.7mm and would give you money back guarantee as that's how much I believe in it!!!
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                    We dont do a lot with elastic, but this is a few things ive learnt-
                    Most elastic should be used 4 strands so if 1 breaks its not a problem.
                    I have heard, as already said shearing is good,
                    we sell a lot of chip bracelets which dont last forever because the stone has sharp edges that cuts the elastic, the same applies to cheap beads, take a very close look at the hole edges, if sharpe rub them with a round burr to smooth them
                    I have been told that if elastic breaks when tieing then it is most likely that it is old stock, as elastic gets brittle with age, not an expert on this but the same thing applies to fishing line, I have found that out to my cost.
                    Hope that helps, or maybe points you in the right direction


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                      I too use Stretch Magic.

                      I use the 1mm (this is very thick) for large beads and always put a dab of glue on the knot. And I use 0.5mm for smaller beads, not forgetting the glue.

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                        Although I don't recognise the brand you're using there seems to be two types of beading elastic,

                        One which has a number of fine strands twisted together, which is great for light work and drape, but if you pull too tight on the knots it will snap

                        The other is 'Stretch Magic' which is a solid strechy cord, and varies in diameter from 0.5mm to 1mm. This stuff is tough and won't snap, and often people put a dab of glue on the knot to prevent it slipping.

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                          I make elastic bracelets. This hasn't happened to be often, just once or twice when I have pulled too hard. The other time it has happened was after I had trimmed the thread. I think maybe i trimmed part of the knot too close and weakened it, so that it slipped rather than snapped.

                          I use 0.7mm usually and double it, to add to the strength. When tying I put a spot of glue on the base knot and then tie a surgeons knot and glue round it. I always use elastic that has several fibres to it.

                          I have used the shearing elastic mentioned and found the only problem is, that it is a little more visible through a transparent bead.


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                            Another vote from Stretch Magic from me ! I use it in my kits and haven't had a problem (except when someone didn't squash their tornado crimps enough and can't blame that on the SM) and thanks for reminding me, I've just run out, must buy more !
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