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Beaded flowers?

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  • Beaded flowers?

    Hello all!

    I am a newbie, so firstly hello I happened upon this site by accident. I have made handmade jewellery for a few years now and sell in local shops

    Sorry that my first post is a question, but it is bugging me. A while ago, I came across some instructions on the www as to how to make a flower out of (5?) glass drop beads, with a central round bead, so they look a bit like a daisy, but can't remember where, does anyone have such instructions and wouldn't mind sharing? Hopefully I will be able to help out with advice in the future (no expert mind!)

    Thanks in advance,

    Mills x

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    Hello and Millie!

    same spelling of millie as my DD

    I can't help much but,
    can suggest you check your "browsers history" to find the page you saw,
    on my Browser I have a "history tab" when i click on favourites (a yellow star to the left of my tab bar on IE7)

    Clicking on that, i get the option to view my history

    Clicking on that gives me the option to view certain sites visited over the past days/weeks.

    I hope that helps or someone else can x x
    Enjoy the forum
    x x
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      Hello and
      MISI -


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        Hi to the forum.


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          Hi Millie

          If they are the flowers I think they are they are really easy to make - just string 5 beads in a row on either jewellery wire, line or thin wire, make a circle by crossing over the wire and threading the tail at one side of the first bead into the side of the last bead so you have a circle with either sides of the wire going in opposite directions - then just add one bead to make the centre pull the wires across to position this bead into the centre and hide the tails through the rest of the beads.

          Most people make the mistake of starting with the centre bead but this comes last

          hope this all makes sence and is what you were after !!



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            hi and

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              Hi all, wow Jen I'll have to have a go at that. all i can do involves miles of wire and 1000's of seed beads.
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                Is it this type of thing..
                It's shown with seed beads but I can't see why it won't work with drop beads!


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                  Thanks, Yep that's the little critters on eebeads although they use 6 instead of 5. I don't think they will work with briolettes/drop beads using this exact technique as the broader base will cause them to pull out of shape but give it a go and see what happens


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                    hi i have a book

                    I have a really helpful book that tells you how to make those, plus it has other wonderful things in too, its called making vintage jewellery, by emma brennan, its given me so many ideas.


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                      Hi and welcome. Can't help as I am a quilter but looks like you have had lots of super ideas anyway. Enjoy yourself here.
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