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  • storing my beads

    Hi everyone

    I wonder if anyone can help me regarding storing my beads.. I currently have them in a plastic tool box with a removeable see through lid, that has compartments..

    the rest of the box is.. just a big box!

    Is there somewhere online i can maybe purchase a box with plenty of different sized compartments for my array of beads and findings?

    i travel to my boyfriends a lot so ideally just the one box with other see through compartmens in it would be easier for me to transport

    What do other jewellery makers use?
    its basically so i can see what i actually have, instead of rummaging in bags!

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    Funnily enough been looking for such a thing today!

    I liked these "Pill Style Boxes" and am rather taken by the aluminium set too Storage Boxes

    The prices are very reasonable in my opinion!

    Hope this helps

    ~Buffy x x
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      These are useful for tiny things

      Also these, I have loads of these, very useful!

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        I went to Homebase last week and bought a box with four or five drawers in it, each drawer has about 10 different sections for storage. It may well be black and decker (its black and yellow), cost about £20 which is more than I wanted to spend, isn't everything! but it does a good job, Selina


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          I store mine in a variety of ways

          some are in 3 wall boxes with drawers,the type men use for storing screws etc.
          some are in small plastic drawer units ( available from the £1 shop) and some in plastic takeaway boxes (new not used ones,lol, again from the £1shop ) these I stack on top of each other until they look dangerously like toppling over,lol
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            I store a lot in the clear plastic tubes that button sellers use. I've also got quite a few small boxes with compartments (they came full of screws & nails but OH gets them and I get the boxes) from £1 shop. Both these are great for beads on the move. I carry all these around in a Stanley tool box that's on wheels - 2 large compartments, lift out tray, swivel tray and outside pouches.

            I do like the look of the storage boxes in the first link posted by Buffy. May have to invest in a few of those.

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              oooh I have one of those - they're brilliant

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                I didn't look at Buffy's link before! I have 6 of the ones at the top, they came in a bead bag bought off Ebay. Each compartment locks shut individually so if you drop it they don't all come open and you spend 6 hours picking up and separating 1000 beads!!!!!!! Selina


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                  Ooh! I like the aluminum ones too Buffy. Like the idea of being able to take one box at a time.
                  I have units from Storage4crafts but they are a desk format so may be too big for what you want think I may get some of the above.


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                    I always fancied one of those craft tote things, bags with boxes in for the transportation of all things beady

                    I don't have one though

                    I use storage4crafts, there is a box on there for about £10 which has two removable trays in a 4ltr box, I store beads in the sectioned trays and other stuff in the box.


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                      Thank you all ever so much.. plenty of ideas there for me.

                      I'm really sorry that the majority of my posts are questions but as i mentioned on my first post. I'm just re starting


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                        Don't apologise for asking questions Tracy, we are all here to help and learn, this is what the forum is for. I have been crafting for more years than I care to remember but am still learning. No one knows it all as techniques change or new ones are introduced.


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                          I have now got 2 of the craftmates bags, each with 6 boxes in, containing 14 compartments in each box. They are brilliant as each compartment has its own lid.

                          I have also got some of throse drawers from the £1 shop but find it very hard to take them anywhere as they fall apart when I pick them up!

                          Here is the craft bag, I think you can get them slightly cheaper on ebay.

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                            I have all my beads in those plastic take away tubs with lids, have been buying them up at Poundland.

                            My findings are all in a box that I bought from B&Q, its a sturdy box with a handle and has 4 largish closeable trays inside with adjustable dividers. So I have one tray with pins in, one with chains and earwires, one with clasps and fasteners and one with misc stuff in (bookmarks, hairpins, keychains etc)

                            All my threading stuff, ie elastic, beading thread and wire are in a big yellow and black tool box, the sort with trays attatched that pen up when you lift the lid over, and it has a couple of sections on the lid too.

                            Tools are kept in a wire cutlery holder that I got from another pound shop.


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                              I bought some opaque white plastic ones from the £1 shop (last of the big spenders me), they had picture hanging bits in them which got chucked in a bag. They are great for small beads. I also saw some of the ''mens style' ones - plastic tray with clear lid - with moveable dividers in Woolworths also £1. These offer flexibility to choose compartment size but not for very small beads.

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