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Midlands Bead Fair

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  • Midlands Bead Fair

    Forgive me if I shouldn't be posting this but have only just found it on another site.

    The Midlands Bead Fair is today at Uttoxeter Race course, 10am - 4pm, £4 admission.

    Have managed to talk my partner into taking me & wanted others to know about it too.

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    Hi...beat ya too it lol.....posted about it a couple of weeks ago...didn't get a response though...just got back!
    What did you think?

    Talking to some ladies over coffee they said it was half the size of last yr!!...wasn't well publisized or sign posted...

    Bead bit of Stourbridge Glass Festival was far bigger and absolutely packed last wkend......and free to get in!
    Not terribly impressed at all!

    Went to pick up a set of beads from Lush Lampwork..they're gorgeous thanx Julie
    Suz new for 2012 2009-2011


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      Midlands Bear Fair

      Well, I went & to be honest, I expected a lot more.

      Found some nice beads reasonably priced & then found some beads very overpriced so wasn't too impressed with that.

      Not sure it was worth the £4 admission.

      Most stalls it seemed to be, were selling the same type of bead & I could not for the life of me find the one bead that I want at the moment.

      Oh well, you live & learn.