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Wire confusion... help needed please!!!

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  • Wire confusion... help needed please!!!


    I'm confused about which wire to get for stringing crystals. I have bought a book and there are some amazing woven designs using crystals. As they are woven, quite often the wire has to go through the beads many times. It says i need "flexible beading wire" but doesn't suggest which type.... i assume it will need to be strong as crystal can be cutting but it also needs to be small in diameter to ensure it can go through the beads plaenty of times. Also, would like the choice of colours as some of the projects suggest using green, pink etc to enhance the design.

    Any advice or help please? Am confused and bogged down with strand numbers and guages!!!
    Thanks in advance.

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    Go to

    there is a product list and and explanation of each product. Most are available in the UK, just go to and ensure you are selecting the search UK option and you should be able to find a shop to buy it from

    Alternatively, go to your local bead store, they should be able to get it in for you


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      The main brands are Beadalon and SoftFlex, both are equally as good. These are nylon coated, twisted strands of stainless steel.

      There are two measurement you need to consider

      First the diameter of the wire you need, the above brands come from the USA so it's in imperial measurements such as 0.012" , 0.015", 0.018" and so on. So to go through a bead several times you will need quite a small wire diameter. Maybe 0.015" (0.38mm) which is a popular size would be suitable

      The second thing to consider is the drape you wish to achieve. For example, these wires have a number of twisted strands, such as 7 strands, 14 stands, 19 stands, 21 strands and 49 strands. And the more strands = more flexibility and drape. If using lighweight beads you may need more drape, so the necklace is not rigid.

      Other than that it's down to the price you wish to pay

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